Snapshots from NYC.

Our time on the East Coast is running out so FY and I jumped on a train and headed up to the city for a few days.

Goals of our trip: See friends, walk a lot, eat lots of amazing vegan food and do lots of yoga!

The goals were very easily accomplished with the help of Eddie Stern, The Bhakti Center, The Highline, Pure Food and Wine, BabyCakes, Sun in Bloom, Red Bamboo, Viva Pizza, Candle Cafe, Doughnut Plant, Caravan of Dreams and more….

We also popped over to Brooklyn to see my cousin, walk in Prospect Park and interview the very elusive and mysterious Babarazzi for elephant journal!

I love walking in New York. It’s so stimulating and inspiring. I love the architecture, the window shopping and most of all, the people watching!

Enjoy a few iphone snapshots from our adventures.

Hare Krishna.






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