My 3 Green Lifesaving Powders.

No matter how simple, sweet and easy I might have wanted it to be, planning my wedding all by myself (as in minimal help from others and no planner in sight) has turned out to be a bit more stressful than I thought. Alas – the yogi is not so yogic. My mind has been less than even-keeled lately.

Mostly that’s because I’ve let myself get stressed out about the silly things, like my fingernails and losing weight (so totally vain, I know).

When it comes to the big stuff – rentals, ceremony readings, caterers, cake, transportation, hotels, venue, photographer, hair, flowers etc – that’s all taken care of. We have 40 days to go ’til the wedding and I’m running out of DIY projects, so in lieu of doing something productive, I’ve been worrying obsessively and trying to micromanage aspects of the wedding that are beyond my control. Silly girl.

On top of the business of planning, meetings, cleansing, failing at cleansing, exercising and other wedding-related activities, I’m preparing to move to a new town, find a new job and buy a new house. I’m also babysitting a lot, traveling every other week for some reason or another, teaching my yoga classes and seeing bodywork clients.

So, as you can imagine, I’ve been a bit messy and pressed for time.

I’m looking for help everywhere I can get it.

Here are 3 things (coincidentally all green powders) that have come to the rescue in the whirlwind of day to day life.
1. Spirulina Powder.

Our Whole Foods carries it in the bulk spice section for next to nothing! I just discovered this and I’m totally thrilled, because it means I’m not tempted to buy those expensive mixed green powders for my smoothies anymore. I’ve been tossing a spoonful of spirulina in all my smoothies lately, even the chocolate ones. You don’t really taste it and it’s so good for you. It’s such an easy way to add more alkaline forming, healthy, oxygenating greens into your diet. Spirulina is a potent source of vitamins, minerals and even protein. Click here to learn more about this awesome superfood.

2. French Green Clay.

Stress means breakouts for me. Yuck. Green clay is a godsend when my skin is a mess. I mix up a spoonful of clay powder with rose water, or just plain water, slather it on my skin and leave it on for as long as I can stand. When I really need an extra kick (and I would only recommend this for oily-skin types) I toss a few drops of tea tree oil in the mixture for its antibacterial properties. Green clay works wonders, even on cystic acne. Plus it’s really fun because it’s messy and you look like a swamp monster with it all over your face. I also happen to think that the clay really brings out the blue in my eyes beautifully, though FY insists that I still look scary.

3. Matcha Green Tea

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I have just discovered matcha. It’s so incredible. I personally can’t drink coffee – it’s way too intense for my delicate nervous system and it dries my skin out like crazy. But, I love tea. I used to drink Yerba Mate, but now I can’t really stand it. I drink all sorts of herbal concoctions, but in the morning I do like a little zing. I stopped drinking black tea and instead got on this Lapsang Souchang kick with almond milk and raw honey – so divine. Around this same time (meaning only 1 month ago) I bought some very nice matcha powder. Matcha is the most potent green tea in terms of benefits and antioxidants because by drinking it you consume the whole tea leaf and not just the water that has been infused with the plant. It’s a vibrant shade of green and the easiest tea to prepare with such a lovely flavor. All you do it whisk a small spoonful into hot or cold water and it’s ready immediately. I have also been throwing a bit of it in my green smoothies for an extra lift in the morning. The first time I made it I felt like I got a little buzz from drinking it, but not like a coffee buzz, it was much clearer and smoother. So nice to get have a natural pick-me-up like that on a busy busy day. To order some matcha or learn about its preparation and benefits, click here!

BONUS – these powders all work together. Matcha with spirulina in smoothie. Spirulina in green clay for a mask. Boom! Twofer!

Love Frances

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6 thoughts on “My 3 Green Lifesaving Powders.

  1. I LOVE the clay masks. I got the Aztec clay from Whole Foods and they say to mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar which kind of freaked me out at first. Amazing results though! I will definitely try it with rose water, that would be nice & calming.

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