Bhav-Basking Bhakti Fest Blast-Off!

We leave for Bhakti Fest bright and early Wednesday morning and I’m getting psyched!

This will be our third year in a row attending this kirtan/yoga/bliss-out festival in Joshua Tree, CA.

Bhakti Fest is pretty stellar. It’s kind of a freak-show so you get all sorts of awesome people-watching and non-stop entertainment. The all-vegetarian food tents/trucks are superb. The devotional music rocks (very excited for the Hanumen in particular), the lectures are great (Bhakti Panel is so inspiring) and the yoga is oh-so-California. That means, I can only engage in a controlled selection of the yoga classes before I want to hurl.

But, that’s part of the fun too. 🙂

This year I’m signed up for a lot of asana classes, as our wedding is fast approaching and I’m trying to get my asana in extra perky shape.

Currently my schedule is full with a variety of classes:

2 Shadow Yoga classes with Scott Blossom (he is truly fantastic, I took 3 of his classes at the last Fest and learned so much about health, healing and balance in yoga practice).

“Finding the Union Within” with Janet Stone (she’s a new one for me, not sure how it will pan out but this is my “going out on a limb” Cali yoga class).

Flight School with Raghunath (lots of fun arm-balances and other tricky stuff I don’t practice often enough!) and another class called “Chant Challenge Change” the next day with him.

Smart FLOW: “Release your Hips” with Annie Carpenter (I learned some good sequencing from her last year. I like her no-nonsense vibe).

Radiant Yoga with Kia Miller (she’s lovely and her classes infuse Kundalini Yoga beautifully – always an uplifting teacher).

“Burning through your Stuff ” with Joan Hyman (I think she’s the only Ashtangis there.  Again, a new one for me but I think I will like this one because I have all sorts of sh*t to burn these days!).

I will try to take some fun photos to share with you (plus stories of course) when we return next week.

We will be popping in and out of LA on either side of the festival. Our plans will be to visit the Krishna temple and eat at Govinda’s and go to the beach and walk along the board walk so we can say howdy to the Pacific. I want to rent cruiser bikes for this. I would love to make it to Golden Bridge for a class with Tej on Monday, but I’m not holding my breath for this one.

We are hoping to practice with Jorgen on Thursday am too.  Gotta throw a little legit Ashtanga into the mix after all.

Any of my readers going to be at Bhakti Fest this year?


Peace out ’til next week so hang tight!



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