You are really awesome. Thanks so much for reading my humble little blog and liking my page on Facebook.

I’m very grateful and honored that you choose to spend a few minutes of your day looking at what I have to share.

To thank you and to spread the love, I want to offer a gift to


These (randomly-chosen) winners will receive one of our organic cotton and bamboo yoga-inspired T-shirts (you get to choice what design and size)  and a custom bhakti-full Vinyasa yoga playlist CD and of course, my overwhelming gratitude!












To enter into the GIVEAWAY just follow these 3 simple steps.


1. LIKE Lila Blog on Facebook if you haven’t already!

2. SHARE one of your favorite Lila posts on your preferred form of social media – whether it’s on your Facebook wall, Twitter or just sending a personal email to one of your friends encouraging him/her to read the post of your choice.

3. POST a comment on this giveaway post to let me know that you’ve liked/shared and want to be included in the giveway.


Two winners will be picked in two weeks on Wednesday September 26th.

(The email which you share when you post a comment will be the email that I will use to contact you and let you know that you’ve won, okay?)


Thanks for all the love.  And thanks for continuing to spread it!


Radhe Radhe!

Frances P Harjeet.


32 thoughts on “A Lila Blog GIVEAWAY in GRATITUDE.

  1. Hey Francis:) It’s Joy from Florida:) Best wishes and endless blessings on you upcoming union. I especially loved you post on “Bramachariya”. I too am blessed with a union not based on sex, but pure, unconditional love. Sexual union has it’s place and time, but it by no means the basis of our love. I also enjoy your fiances Elephant journal blog, love the fact that is is a devotee and an ashtangi:) You’ve done well:) BTW love to have a shirt if it comes to pass, good luck everyone!:)

  2. Sooo grateful & happy to have found this-stemmed by you…sweet. Looking forward to being part of the bright future (this blog), be it here or our Reality…face-to-face.. Loving the bouyancy, gratitude, and lack of ego/judgement in fellow Humanbeings.

    Consider this child wearing the garnment with loving vibes, all around:)
    HAD to share the Ecstatic Bodhisattva,and relating:). Wheeeeee…

    Positives vibrations only,


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  4. Shared your yummy sounding super green Tahini recipe on fb to enter for the giveaway. I can’t wait to gather the ingredients and try it. I have often shared your recipes with friends. You have a special gift in your ability to make all your posts fun and light hearted while being informative. I love reading your blog it is always motivating to me. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    • thanks for sharing the recipe michelle! very grateful for your support and kind words. knowing that my humble blog offers even a little motivation and inspiration to people like you makes it all worth it to me!

  5. Thank you Frances for your “humble blog”…I just found you by chance today…I’m a “yoga geek”…and seeker. I shared one of your posts today and would love to be included in the giveaway. I love that you are you and you share you with us…I am so “humbled” that I stumbled upon your blog and look forward to such a joyful soulful Yogi, sharing his love for life, Yoga, and showing not all Yogi’s are “organized”…LOL 😀 Namaste ❤

  6. Left comment above…but just got confirmation on my email 😀 Love your blog site Frances…thank you again for sharing…maybe spelling wrong…not sure exactly what it means…but it sounds very playful and happy, and it’s what you say in your blurb about yourself “Hari Bol!” (will Google later…already late~ lol). ❤

    • Hi Kristen!
      Thanks for your sweet comments. Super psyched you found my blog 🙂
      Haribol is a joyful exclamation that means “Chant the Names of the Lord.” It’s said often in the world of Bhakti as a reminder to connect with God in a happy and celebratory way.
      Thanks for connecting with my blog, and entering into the giveaway.
      It’s such a great honor and pleasure for me to connect with people through my blog. I’m very grateful that I can offer my experiences and practices with others in a way that offers inspiration, confirmation and motivation.
      Love Frances

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