Hi dear ones!

Thanks for entering into my little giveaway. I’m very honored that you took the time to share my posts and connect with me.
FY helped me pick out two winners in a random and convoluted way……

And the lucky winners are….



Congrats ladies! I will be making you up a CD of my favorite yoga music and sending you a t-shirt of your choice.

Our women’s Ts are super soft and comfy bamboo fabric, screen-printed with all-natural dyes. Take a look at our site, APANA, and let me know your preference of design and size.


Thanks to all the participants.

Lots of LOVE,





6 thoughts on “Winning!

  1. AH!!! Thank you Frances!!! I am so excited!! I never win anything:) How great, Congrats Jane!! Do you need my address? just email me and I will reply:) Thanks again! love, Joy

  2. So happy for Joy and Jane…dang those t’s were saweeet though (slobber slobber~lol)…better shake my yoga maker so I can raise a few bucks to get my favorite (although there are a few…(Tapas Bitches~lol ~in the spirit of being real and fun in today’s world <3) )…Thanks again Frances…it was great fun just participating 😀 Namaste and Happy Thursday ❤ K. ❤

    • thanks for participating kristen!
      glad you like the tapas bitches shirt. i think it’s hilarious (especially when FY says it aloud in a ridiculous voice, as he is prone to do when yogis are being wimpy!), but no one other than Thad and I seem to think so or “get it” I guess… so yay for you!
      blessings and love

  3. Frances,
    Most excellent!… and blessings 🙂
    Congrats, Joy.
    The Muladhara t is brilliant!
    Many thx, for I cannot spell my excitement.

    plain jane

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