What To Do with Leftover Rice.

Waste not, want not.

I definitely adhere to this old adage, especially when it comes to food.

I hate throwing away leftovers!

But, (other than my beloved avocado on toast) I don’t really like eating the same thing two days in a row.
So, I like to give my leftovers a bit of a makeover.

One of my favorite ways to spruce up extra rice is to make it into a sweet and spicy breakfast porridge.

I think this is most delicious with brown rice because of the nutty texture, but white rice is tasty too.

This is so simple and I make it a bit different every time, so what follows is more of a suggestion than a recipe per se.



Dose your leftover rice in the pot with lots of almond or coconut milk.

Add a little dollop of coconut oil.

Turn on the heat, stir to break up clumps and then start adding spices like cardamon, cinnamon and nutmeg and saffron.

A bit of vanilla or almond extract is a nice touch too.

Chop up a few slivers of crystallized ginger for an extra kick.

Add a handful of cashews and golden raisins (my favorite additions, but almonds, dark raisins or currants would be a good alternative).

Sweeten with coconut nectar, turbinado sugar or honey.

Stir everything together and give it the chance to soak up the liquids.

You only need to cook this for a few minutes.

Voila! An easy and delicious treat.


What is your favorite way to spruce up leftovers?


This is our last week in Charlottesville so postings might be a bit sporadic. We’ve already packed up so many boxes and taken down all the art from the walls. I’m feeling a bit wonky in the midst of all this chaos, but it’s good and exciting and as my favorite Beatle wrote, “All things must pass”…

Love and Blessings,




2 thoughts on “What To Do with Leftover Rice.

  1. That’s a great idea for leftover rice! Sounds like a fun rice-based halva-like porridge. I also really, really don’t like to waste any food. I’ll find a way to eat everything: the next day, or re-fashioned somehow. If we don’t eat up leftover grains the following day with lunch, I’ll often use them for stuffed peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, etc for dinner. Oh, and why am I not surprised George is your favorite? 🙂 Best wishes for a safe, comfortable -and conscious- move.

    • Thanks Justin.
      I need to make stuffed peppers sometime soon. So yummy. Thanks for the reminder.
      Ya, George rocks. I recently made a whole Beatles playlist for my yoga classes. Those guys shared real wisdom in their music. It never gets old to me.

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