Happiness Whirlwinds.

So much change and excitement in our little world right now.

We officially found a home in Denver. We will be closing next week! It’s right by a big beautiful park. It’s a 15 minute walk away from Thad’s acupuncture school and very close to lots of great cafes, restaurants, yoga studios and of course, a Whole Foods. I am beyond thrilled.

I can’t wait to start painting and decorating. It’s a two bedroom, two bath unit with a large balcony in a cool old building from 1902. It’s been all updated, but I’m going to rip out some of the “modern” light fixtures and bring back some charm with color palettes and embellishments. I will post photos as the whole projects gets underway.

In addition to the wild whirlwind of buying a house within a week of moving to a new place, today we got a new car too. Insane. But the time had come. Hazel (my trusty chariot for many cross-country adventures) was starting to cost me more in maintenance than she was really worth. All things must pass.

It’s been a lot of go-go-go for the past few months, so tomorrow, in both a spontaneous and calculated fashion, we are officially going on our HONEYMOON! Yippee!

We are heading down to Taos, (where we went on our first date), Santa Fe, Ojo Caliente and Crestone. We are planning on spending lots of time doing yoga, soaking in the hot springs, going for hikes, playing cards, getting massages and spa treatments and generally relaxing and having fun together! I doubt I will be on the computer much but I will post a few photos and stories. I’m so happy this is happening right now because the timing works out that we will end up at the ashram in Crestone for Diwali!

So incredibly grateful for the abundance and joy in my life right now.

Love and Blessings.



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