Honeymoon Snapshots – Part 1

Highlights so far:

Soaking for hours in the healing waters of Ojo Caliente.

Kicking Thad’s booty at backgammon. 12 times in a row. New record!

Deep tissue massage, followed by a dead sea salt and prickly pear scrub and a hot oil hair treatment = pure heaven.

Japa walks with T every morning in the beautiful New Mexico landscape.

A visit to the Hanuman temple.

Heady organic food at the Love Apple – the spot of our first “date”.

Cruising through the mountains in our new car.  After a few days on the road, she revealed her name. It’s “Hildy”, short for “Brunhilde”.  She is German after all.

Sleeping eleven hours straight for 3 nights in a row!

Unexpectedly running into old and new friends in the hot springs.

Hours of giggles and QT with my husband.

Life is sweet.

More pics to come…

Please ignore the wonky formatting….




8 thoughts on “Honeymoon Snapshots – Part 1

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