Sometimes You Gotta Go Big.


Okay, I have a confession.

I have not had a daily Kundalini meditation practice for 8 weeks now.

And I’m going a little batty. Seriously, my reaction times are decreasing and my tendency to fall into dramatic moments of catastrophe thinking is increasing. No bueno.

This is the longest I’ve gone without a consistent meditation since 2008. Yikes!

I’ve been practicing asana of course and some prananyama and even a little occasional silent meditation, but not the full-on, every night, sit down with a timer, tune in, chant and meditate.

Why? Well, the wedding, the drive cross-country and finding a house to buy, buying the house, going on our honeymoon, fixing up the house with new paint and carpets, going to Montana for the holiday, worrying about new jobs, decorating the house and now waiting to move-in to said house…you get the picture. I’ve been a bit unsettled.

Enough of the excuses, so, I called my teacher the other day for help. I ranted a little bit about everything that’s going on in my life and all the feelings of purposelessness and angst I’ve been having, plus the sense that I’m getting extra “messages” sent my way and yet I’m not sure how to interpret and understand it all. I asked for guidance for a new meditation and she sure delivered!

She sent me the instructions for a powerful meditation practice called Indra Nittri that is pretty much perfect for what I’m seeking right now. Wednesday was the full-moon so Thaddeus and I started this meditation together then. I felt a wave of relief wash over me right after we practiced the meditation for the first time.

But what’s this something “big” to which I’m referring?

Basically, sometimes when you are totally out of whack and off-routine, whether in lifestyle, diet, work, whatever, I find that it helps to take a specific period of time to immerse yourself in whatever it is that you need to do (like a cleanse for instance).

And what I need is a big dose of Kundalini meditation.

And the beautiful universe provided! Wahe Guru!

Tomorrow morning we will be driving up to Aspen to practice 2 and a half hours worth of The Master’s Touch Meditation with our wonderful teachers!

This is a seriously potent practice using a very sacred mantra and mudra. We did this right at the end of massage school and it was wild. I felt like my brain had been totally rewired by the end of the 2.5 hours!

Thaddeus loves this meditation so much that he and I did it for 11 minutes a day for 120 days earlier this year. I was ready for it to be done by the end of that time, I assure you. But, returning to it tomorrow, with our teachers, in a qualified space will feel like reuniting with an old friend.

With gratitude and anticipation, I look forward to this reunion.

My soul has been calling out for it.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and find something to do that nourishes and inspires your spirit.


With Love,






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