Reconnecting with Kundalini Yoga.

Last night I had the wonderful experience of practicing Kundalini Yoga with a group of Kundalini Yoga teachers in Denver. It was so sweet to share yoga together, without a lot of words or music, just breath and collective energy – and an awesome gong relaxation at the end!

The past 2 years have been light on the Kundalini for me. I’ve mostly stuck with my Kundalini meditation practice and left the asana to Ashtanga. Probably because Ashtanga was new and alluring for me and I was in a different environment, one in which Kundalini Yoga did not hold a large presence.

But as I’ve said before, one of the things I’m really looking forward to about being back out West is more Kundalini Yoga! Starting with a long meditation workshop last weekend and then this gathering last night – I’m feeling groovy 🙂

Kundalini was my first love when it comes to yoga. I discovered it when I was 17 and was immediately entranced. I find that most people who try it either immediately love it or they think it’s crazy-freaky stuff that they want nothing to do with. I was in the former category, particularly because I found it to be a thrilling alternative to getting high. I’ve struggled with addictive tendencies for years and when I was a teenager and through most of college, I used various drugs and alcohol daily…until my Kundalini Teacher training in ’08-’09.

All yoga makes you feel good…the sweat, the stretch, the focus, the endorphins, the back bends (love the feeling  of deep back bends!) But Kundalini Yoga makes you feel absolutely amazing. Practicing an intense KY kriya and meditation makes me feel like I’m glowing. My whole body feels warm and open and beautifully radiant. The adjustments in my nervous system, glandular system and subtle bodies are palpable.

I love sharing Kundalini Yoga with people because it was life-changing for me and I know it has been for so many other people as well. I don’t think I could have stopped drinking and using drugs without the influence of this powerful yoga in my life.

The dedication and discipline of daily practice and the reward it brings of feeling so good, so clear, so ALIVE made it possible for me to enjoy life sober. What a blessing!

When I return from India in March I will be starting to teach Kundalini Yoga here in Denver and I am so excited! The practice last night was part of a meeting of local KY teachers joining together to A) build community B) create an online database of all local KY teachers so that students can find the teachings easily and C) host donation Kundalini Yoga classes 5 days a week in Denver. Amazing, right? I feel so happy to be a part of this new project. I will keep you posted as to when the website  goes up and when the classes start.

Blessings and Sat Nam.



5 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Kundalini Yoga.

  1. That sounds amazing, you’re lucky to be a part of such a great opportunity 🙂 The idea of a donation based class 5 times a week ist great, because maybe then more people can experience the amazing benefits of yoga! And I think it’s always heart-warming when you hear people conquering their addictive side, because I imagine you have to be super strong!

    And I agree on everything when it comes to Kundalini Yoga. I,too, practice both Ashtanga and Kundalini and (although Ashtanga makes me feel good too) the feeling after a Kundalini Kriya is like… pure happiness. One thing I really struggly with (and I think you too a little bit) is combining both types of yoga… I mean, Ashtanga demands a 6 days a week practice and whenever I do a “Ashtanga/Kundalini/Ashtanga/Kundalini/..”-week, I feel like the Ashtanga police is going to show up and arrest me haha
    Well… guess it’S all my mind 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend in the West!

    • Hi Kim.
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m excited too. 🙂
      In terms of your struggle about the two practices together, I’m not totally the perfect person to give advice on that because in my past 2+ years of Ashtanga, I wasn’t practicing Kundalini kriyas daily. What I’ve been doing is Mysore in the morning and maybe a little Kundalini breath of fire before that. Then in the evening, I practice an 11 minute meditation and a 3 minute chant and then maybe do a little gentle stretching and then a few minutes of silent prayer. Maybe occasionally on a Saturday I would do a full kriya, but not that often. Sometimes I would go to KY classes when I traveled, like in LA and that was always a treat.
      This was a wonderful combination for me and I’m sure once we get in the swing of things here, I will be doing this again. But, I think I’ll add a Kundalini yoga class in more often now that I’m in a community with more teachers. Probably in the evenings so I can still go to Mysore in the am.
      I think it’s totaly OK to do both and that you just have to figure out what works best for you. I think moon days, saturdays and those days when your body is just not up for Ashtanga, are perfect days for a good Kundalini kriya 🙂
      But then again, I don’t pay much mind to the Ashtanga police 🙂
      Sat Nam

  2. Hi Frances:) I’m so happy to see that you are settling in well in Denver. I feel you on the Kundalini vibe, it’s truly an amazing practice. I was a heavy practitioner a couple of years ago while recovering from abdominal surgery and I was hooked. Whenever I incorporate it into a flow class, students eat it up. I especially love Ana Brett and Ravi’s Yoga Beauty Body dvd and all Gurmuhk’s dvds, her story is very cool. My guru Ma Jaya, who left her body this year was best friends with Yogi Bajahn:) I practiced for a while in England with a woman named Siri Data, she was amazing. I still have my chants and breath of fire and long deep breathing are always with me. So happy you are going to teach! How wonderful. Be well my friend, Sat Nam.

    Joy(Nihal Kaur) Hari Bol

    • Right on Joy. So many connections, right?
      I love Gurmukh too. She was the head teacher in my training. She is such an uplifting and inspiring woman.
      That’s pretty cool about your guru. I know very little of her.
      Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm.

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