Creating a Home…Piece by Piece.

After over a month of real estate looking, buying and lots of waiting, our fix-up is in full swing and in two days we will actually be living in our new home in Denver!

We started making it feel like ours by painting the whole place bright beautiful colors (as opposed to the semi-gloss beige it came with – yucky). I love picking out colors. It’s pretty magical how a bit of paint can transform a room.


So this….


Now looks like this…


And with a little paint, a new light and adorable knobs courtesy of Anthro (I finally got an excuse to buy some! I know I’m not the only one who shops for clothes there but gets distracted by the cutsie hardware, right?)…


We have a “new” kitchen…waiting to be organized! So much baking to do!


Our wordly possessions came across the country in two of these moving pods.


This is what we were greeted with when we opened the doors. Packing all our stuff into this tiny unit was quite the elaborate game of Tetris. Luckily Thad loves that kind of thing…


The other big project we’ve been busy with as we wait for our move-in date is painting furniture. We had an old unfinished table and 2 mismatched chairs and then we bought 2 benches and 2 barstools at an unfinished furniture store in Boulder. We’ve used all the leftover paint from the walls (we’re thrifty like that) to paint multiple layers onto the different pieces. And then we’ve been sanding them like crazy so that they have a distressed, antique look to them.


They look really good and it’s been a lot of fun to do this together. Because we are tearing up the old carpet in the bedroom we’ve been using it as our painting studio. It’s rather liberating just to slosh paint around on the floor and not have to give a damn about it.



This room… looks like this….


One day soon it will be our dining room with a beautiful antique chandelier….can’t wait!


These bags don’t look so heavy, right? But think again – 40 pounds of river rocks. Because that’s how we roll.

I sure do hope somebody actually wants a hot stone massage one of these days….


Moving is quite the workout. We were wiped after two days of unloading these units!


But all the work is worth it when we get to take a break, go for a walk in this beautiful place and realize just how blessed with really are.

I love to nest and this experience of crafting our new home together is very inspiring for me. Even in all its chaos, I am starting to feel the “home” emerging and I know we are going to feel very cozy and peaceful here.

On Tuesday our new carpet will be installed and then we can actually move into the bedrooms and start the fun stuff – the decorating and organizing.

Lots to do before my Mum arrives next Sunday for the holidays.

I imagine I will be drinking a few extra almond milk chai lattes this week…

Love and Blessings,


PS – Please excuse the fuzzy iphone photos. My real camera is buried in one of those many unmarked boxes. Whoopsies.I promise once we are fully settled in and nicely decorated to take some legit photos of the place!


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