Top 12 Posts of 2012.


Can you believe this epic year is almost over? 

It’s been an awesome one for me, but I’m ready for 2013!

Dear readers, what would you like to see more of on Lila blog in the coming year?

I would love to hear from you.

Here’s a list of the most popular/my favorite posts from this year.

Give it a look over and make sure you haven’t missed anything good.

The Top 12:

1. My Yoga Teacher Makes Me Cry. Is that a Problem?

This was one of the most cathartic pieces I have written because it really helped me clarify my relationship with my Ashtanga Yoga teacher David G.

2. My Thoughts on Yoga and Your Moon Cycle.

This subject always gets people talking. Do you have a viewpoint or experience that you would like to share?

3. Why is Kapotasana Such a B*tch?

Thoughts on why this challenging pose is so revered/hated in Ashtanga and what I have learned from it in my journey this year.

4. Tips for Healthy Travels in India.

I’ve gotten sick on my adventures to India, but I’m getting more savvy with each trip over there and this post includes tips for all the herbs and practices that have helped me stay healthy while traveling.

5. Lessons Learned From Teaching at a Small Yoga Studio.

This post is full of reflections I gained from teaching at a small, underpopulated yoga studio in Virginia. My experiences there taught me to be a more adaptable, patient and self-confident teacher.

6. Love, Gratitude and Self-Healing with EFT

This post explains how to practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and why it’s been an important part of my healing journey.

7. Good Intentions, Bad Results and the Importance of Adaptability.

This confessional post shares some mistakes I’ve made with my food choices and unnecessary self-inflicted stress. I discuss the notion of adaptability and how sometimes the healthiest thing to do is let go go of the notions we have of what is “healthy” and instead just be easy on ourselves.

8. Celebrating…

This silly, photo-full post gives 10 reasons why I love Thad. This post was in honor of his first-ever half-birthday celebration.

9. Ashtanga, the Gym and Me.

In this post we get talking about whether just practicing Ashtanga is “enough” exercise or whether it’s necessary to supplement the practice with more cardiovascular exercise or strength-strengthening. Lots of great comments here.

10. Tips for a Balanced and Happy Home Yoga Practice.

2012 was the year I brought my yoga practice back home and stopped going to the studio regularly. This had its challenges but also helped me gain some important insights. This post shares what I learned about maintaining a regular yoga practice at home.

11. Blogs, Blogging Culture, Wedding Planning and Cyber-Jealously. 

Before I got rolling with this blog officially early this year (admission – Lila existed in another name and in a much smaller format in 2011), I knew very little about the blog world. I’ve learned a lot about this whole culture this year and there are parts of it I find totally absurd. That’s where this post comes from.

12. Confessions from Savasana.

In this post I admit how much I do not love everyone’s favorite part of yoga – relaxation! Good comments here from readers about what they like/don’t like from their teachers during savasana.

And as a final treat, just because it’s so darn tasty that, if I could, I would make one of these cakes for each and every one of you, dear readers….

The Super Healthy, Insanely Delicious Chocolate Avocado Birthday Cake! 

Thanks for sharing a great year with me.

So grateful for your continued support.

Here’s to a playful, healthful and joyful new year! Cheers!

Love and Blessings,



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