A Conscious New Year’s Eve.

Congratulations my friends. We survived 2012.

Was it just me, or was anyone else let down that nothing really dramatic happened? I was not a subscriber to the end of the world philosophies, but I was keen on the idea of a “great awakening” or some sort of cosmic shift in consciousness. I can be woo-woo like that, I guess.  While I do feel that time is speeding up and that changes are occurring, this shift isn’t as widespread or palpable as I wish it was. Maybe I’m just blind to it.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s talk about tonight – New Year’s Eve.

When I was in my Kundalini Yoga teacher training at the end of 2008, Gurmukh encouraged all of us to be extra conscious about how we spent that New Year’s Eve. She spoke about how the transition into the new year is a potent time for self-reflection and prayer. By getting sloshed and partying all night, we miss out on that opportunity. She said that the way we cross-over into the new year determines the energy for the whole year ahead.

This really struck me and since then I think about it every time this day rolls around. I’ve never been a huge New Year’s Eve person. I did a few years of big parties and concerts when I was younger, but I never really got into all the excitement around the countdown and what not. Personally, I’m not so good at staying up late. It makes me feel really icky the next day. There was a time when I loved to stay up late, it was when I felt most creative and energized. But not so much anymore.

So what am I going to do tonight?

I considered going to a concert at the Fillmore, because there is this band playing that I used to follow. But, I decided against it; I think it might be too much of a blast from the past and Thad wasn’t up for it. There’s a Harinam gathering down on the 16th Street Mall that the devotees from the temple here are leading; but I’m not pure enough of heart to want to go freeze myself ’til midnight chanting on the streets to the amusement of drunk people. There’s a Gong Bath at one of the local studios, but Kundalini teachings have kind of scared me away from Gong Baths. The sound of the gong is a powerful thing and if it’s not done correctly, it can really scatter your energy field.

So that’s what I’m not doing tonight…. but back to the first question…..

I am planning on spending the afternoon cooking a nice big vegetarian meal. I might break out my new Kitchen-Aid (a Christmas present from my siblings!) and make really decadent truffled mashed potatoes. Perhaps some sauteed rainbow chard on the side and a big salad with pomegranates and avocados too. I might even bake something too…crazy, I know…

When we are well-fed, we are going to bundle up for a walk to the Denver Botanical Gardens to see the “Blossoms of Light”, which is basically the gardens decorated in multicolored strings of lights. This is a bit corny, but I hear it’s quite lovely, nonetheless.

We will close the night by meditating together. The theme of my meditation and prayers tonight will be releasing and letting go of all that has not served me in this past year, purifying my heart with surrender and acceptance and from this place of emptiness, opening into a receptive place for abundance, grace and creativity for the year ahead.

One activity that I’ve done in the past on New Year’s Eve is writing down on a piece of paper all that I wished to release and let go of from that year. If you have a fireplace, it’s really nice to burn this piece of paper to symbolize the release, the destruction that is necessary for creation. After this is done, you can write or discuss with another person the positive qualities and experiences you hope to manifest in the coming year. This is a simple and sweet way to turn your awareness to the energy of transition and use this time in a conscious and uplifting manner.

What are you going to do tonight to bring this year to a close and celebrate the coming of a new year?

Blessings for a wonderful evening and a very joyful new year.

Love Frances



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