Why Not Celebrate More Often?

One thing that’s become clear to me in relationships and in life is that taking the time to make something a little more special or out of the ordinary is always worth the effort.

The last thing you want your life to be is boring, right?

I love dressing up and going out on a date with my husband like we did last week.

He shaved and put on some fancy pants, I pulled out one of my favorite vintage dresses and put on my “face”. We navigated our way to a different part of town to try out this fantastic new restaurant in Denver called The Populist.

We could have just said, “hey, let’s go out to dinner” and that would have been fine. But there’s something about qualifying it as a “date” that makes it so much more fun.


On a date…

We never bring our cell phones. We sit and look into each others eyes and we talk about the big things, not just the “what do you need to do tomorrow” kind of stuff.

We eat dessert! Sometimes two.

My husband holds my hand, helps me with my coat, opens the car door for me and gives me extra kisses.

We always make sure to tell each other just how beautiful we think they are. It’s nice to be reminded of this sometimes.

We express how blessed we are to share this life together. Sometimes the days go by too quickly so it’s good to take pause and count your blessings and demonstrate appreciation for the people you love in your life.

Dates don’t have to be expensive or typical….

A fun date can be really simple. It’s the energy you put into it and the meaning you give it that makes a date special.

You could find a tango or salsa dance class to go to together.

You could go get fro-yo, then sit somewhere to people watch and make up stories about the folks that walk by.

You could go to an evening art walk. Lots of towns have events on the first Friday of every month where the art district is open for free gallery events. You can stroll around different venues, look at art and even get some free nibbles. Many museums are now open later on Fridays making this a fun and culturally-stimulating way to start your weekend off right.

You could go to a concert together or support your local theatre or symphony by attending a production. Going to the theatre always feels special. Plus, it’s more romantic than just a movie, in my opinion.

You could attend an Acro-Yoga class. This is always fun (and the just the right amount of silly too). Thaddeus and I co-taught a free partner yoga class on Valentine’s Day a few years ago. It was so wonderful to do this together and give this bonding opportunity to other couples.

You could go soak for hours in hot springs, drink coconut juice and massage each other’s feet.

You can even make a “date night” at home by mixing up your routine, cooking a beautiful meal together and sharing the evening by playing a game together that you both love. We love to chill on our living room  floor and engage in some healthy competition in the form of backgammon!

These are just a few simple ideas and recommendations from my experience, but I would love to hear what you like to do to celebrate the love in your relationships. Please share!

Time moves fast so don’t forget to enjoy the good stuff and celebrate what you’ve got.




4 thoughts on “Why Not Celebrate More Often?

  1. Yes, I LOVE this Frances! All so true, and well put:) Also, this is silly, but I love the text on the photo…getting very tech saavy my dear:) As I’ve told you before, your consistent blogging inspires me, so thanks!!

    • Thank you Ashley!
      I’m a little late to the game…I just discovered PicMonkey! How fun!
      I love your blog too….it’s on my blogroll 🙂
      Justin is such an amazing photographer! I look forward to meeting him someday.

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