Meditation for Prosperity and Abundance.

I have a little secret I want to share with you. In fact, it would be kind of mean and selfish of me if I didn’t share it.

What if I told you that by spending 3 minutes a day banging your hands together and making a funny sound, you could be bringing more abundance and wealth into you life. Would you believe me?

No? That’s Ok. I probably wouldn’t either. But, given the challenge, I would try it anyways and within a few weeks, ka-bam! the proof is in the pudding. (please do click on this link if you need a good chuckle).

So, basically what I’m saying is, I’m not fibbing. This little scenario exists.

A number of years ago, I was taught a very simple Kundalini Yoga meditation for prosperity. I didn’t exactly believe the claims about it, but I tried it for 40 days in a row for just 3 minutes at a time. I went about my daily life, but as the 4th week rolled around, I suddenly received a big and very unexpected check in the mail from a family member to whom I am not very close, and then I was randomly asked if I would sell my bike and some other gear for higher than I would have asked for it. I was shocked.

Another year later, money was a little tight so I thought about giving it a go again. Same thing, except this time, I was basically given a house and an out-of-the-blue check again.

Third time I tried it, I was given lots of work that month with new clients and my paycheck from the yoga studio was the highest yet.

So I’m a believer now. And here’s why…

You can’t just sit around and expect money and opportunities to be thrown at you. You have to take the time to envision what you want in life, and then put yourself out there so that it can happen. Meditating means being pro-active. It means taking responsibility for your life by caring for your soul.

By spending a little time each day directing your positive intentions towards bringing more creativity, abundance and career opportunities into your life, you are sending out those vibes to the universe with consistency. Like attracts like. This means, these energies will be attracted to you because you are putting them out there.

You are made of energy. Everything is. Even inanimate objects have electromagnetic fields.

The sounds of “Har” or “Haree” (as in Hare Krishna) is the sound of creative energy. It is the sound of potential, of prosperity and of powerful potency. By chanting this sound, you are actively inviting these qualities into your field.

Are you interested in trying it out?

Trust me. It’s worth a shot.

Here’s How.

Commit to practicing this meditation for 3 minutes a day for 40 days straight. In 40 days, you can make or break a habit.

If you are really in need of bringing a whole lot of prosperity into your life, try this meditation for 11 minutes a day. But no more than that – you don’t want to be greedy!

Start by getting comfortable in a seated position. If you would like to do some yoga postures of silent meditation beforehand to get you in the zone, go for it!

Sit nice and tall, with a light jalandhar bandh or neck lock. By elongating the back of your neck, you are making a clear pathway for the energy to flow up your spine.

Rub your hands together and then press the palms together at the heart center. Tune in by chanting the Adi Mantra 3 times:

“Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”

After you have tuned-in, bring the outside edges of your palms together at heart level and open your palms up as if you were accepting a gift.

Spend a few moments envisioning exactly what you wish to bring into your life. Visually fill your hands with this abundance, with wealth, a new job, a certain opportunity, more artistic creativity, whatever it is…

Then, set your timer and begin to chant the sound of  “Har”. The tip of your tongue will strike the upper palette making the ending of the syllable sound almost like a “d”. As you chant, pull your navel center in so that each time you say the word “Har” there is a strong powerful connection at the 3rd chakra.

Keep your eyes just slightly open, with a downward gaze, looking into your palms.

Chant with a feeling of power and intention. Chant loudly.

You will alternate the hand position from the starting open-palm position to striking the inner sides of the pointer fingers together (the thumbs will tuck under with the right thumb crossing under the left).


Alternate the hand position with each chanted “Har”.


My teacher says it’s like filling your hands with what you want, and then dropping it in your lap. With each movement, you project the sound of creative energy with a powerful pump of the navel. Hit the sides of the hands together with a little bit of force, not so much it hurts of course, but with enough oopmh to feel it.

For a video of this, click here.

After 3 minutes, take a deep breath, hold it in, fill yourself up with the energy of creation, and then slowly exhale.

Spend a few moments in silence and in prayer.

To end, simply chant Sat Nam – “Truth is my Name”.

That’s it.

Please ask questions if you have any and I will do my best to respond.

Blessings and Love.



24 thoughts on “Meditation for Prosperity and Abundance.

  1. Firstly, you have a tenuous grasp of the English language. (Just a tip, (tangentially related) when you use firstly (presumably you meant first?) there should be a “secondly”). Secondly, your priorities are hideously misaligned in that they equate spirituality with some sort of monetary payoff, unexpected or otherwise. Thirdly, (sic), technicalities aside, you are, I’m afraid, very confused – in your cosseted world, there is always a savior; it is easy for you to construct a narrative where personal accomplishment (through your lens of imagined sacrifice) is always rewarded. You believe that happiness, and, more importantly (to you), a big paycheck, are only a personal accounting away. The reality is, of course, much more complex – the vast majority of the world’s peoples, and, indeed, the American people, will struggle their entire lives, and work harder and sacrifice more than even your absurd, impossibly privileged little daydreams can even fathom. Your post trivializes real suffering and the struggles of 90% of the world’s people.

    • Well, thank God, the downtrodden have you, with your perfect grasp of grammar, to fight for them. I mean, seriously, what would the poor, indigenous peoples of somewhere do without you Erika trolling the internet, calling out those who dare try and inspire people with alternative ways of thinking?

      If I were a betting man, I’d guess your response was in part triggered by something in your recesses which makes you feel as if you don’t deserve “prosperity” and that your limited understanding and reading of prosperity as wholly and completely financial is informed by some avant-garde postmodern critique of capital. Congratulations. You’ve remained well ensconced within your cultural parameters of liberal, first-world guilt peppered with a dose of pseudo-spiritual activism.

      I’ve always read that minds work better when open, like parachutes. I hope you enjoy your landing.

    • Hi Erika.
      Thank you for your grammar tips. I confess, sometimes I can be a bit lazy when writing online and that I do not comb over a piece the way I would a college paper. Your suggestions are duly noted.
      As to your assumptions that “in my cosseted world, there is always a savior”, I’m afraid you are just dumping your shit on me. You know very little about my world and my life other than the glimpses of it that appear on this blog. You’ve made a number of massive presumptions about who I am, what my spiritual life is like and how I relate to the world. Do you feel better about yourself now?
      I do not believe that money buys happiness. I did not state this is my post, so where did you possibly glean that this is my world view? Some of the most f-d up and miserable people I know personally are filthy rich. I’m not silly enough to believe that making lots of money will make feel fulfilled.
      But, one thing I have learned from personal experience is that having the peace of mind of knowing that my bills are paid, my job is secure and I can afford to eat healthy food, makes it much easier for me to direct my attentions to the more important things in life.
      In Vedic culture it is taught that a person is rewarded for the good karma of a past life by being born into either a pious family or a wealthy family. The reason wealth is included in this is that having prosperity gives one the freedom to spend their time in svadyaya and disciplined spiritual practice.
      Obviously, this is not what the majority of people with wealth in the world do nowadays, but that’s OK, because we all learn the lessons we need to learn eventually.
      Prosperity and abundance do not just mean “money”. I consider the abundance in my life to include the loving friendships I have with my friends and family, with the opportunities to meet new people, visit beautiful places and have educational experiences. I feel the blessings of abundance when I feel a rush of creativity or inspiration that gets me working on a art project, creating a new recipe or writing a poem. I see abundance in my life when my vegetable garden is overflowing with vegetables and my marigolds have produced enough flowers that I can offer many blossoms to our household’s deities. Prosperity is as multi-faceted as we can be open to it being. How you view prosperity, is your choice. Personally, I don’t like to limit myself when it comes to experiencing blessings.
      Many Americans, and many Western yoga teachers have a totally skewed understanding about money and self-worth. Because I’m indoctrinated in the Kundalini traditions, I think I got out a little bit easier than some on this one. If you’ve had any experience with Sikhs, you will probably understand what I mean. As a culture, Sikhs value prosperity and use it wisely. For example, there is a very regimented tithing system, which is something I believe in and follow in my personal life choices as well.
      Anyways dear Erika, I’m sorry my post offended you so much. In no way did I mean to “trivialize” the suffering of so many people in the world, as you’ve suggested I have. Nor am I blind to the rampant suffering of the Kali Yuga. Despite what you might want to imagine about me, I’ve actually seen a fair amount of the world and experienced my own personal suffering.
      I’m not an Ivy-league WASP from Greenwich or whatever story you want to put on me. I was born in West Virginia, and although my father was a fairly successful business man, I was routinely exposed to the wretched poverty that most people in that state live in. My family’s business underwent a terrible bankruptcy and years of slander and lawsuits to boot. I’ve traveled all around the world, and not to stay in fancy resorts, but instead to educate myself and offer service to others. I’ve worked in a rescue agency for pre-teen girl victims of the sex-trade in Northern Thailand and I’ve volunteered by teaching yoga and meditation to underserved elementary school children in central Virginia, just to name a few experiences that have taught me about the inequities and injustices that are prevalent in every community.
      As always, thank you for reading my blog and for taking the time to comment.

      • Lila,I appreciate your honesty and the touching but punching reply to the negativism of Erika.Propserity or abundance is a very inevitable part of ones life.Its not about the bundle of money but prosperity to meet your needs,being healthy and happy.Money is very important,what ever the so-called communists preach.There is a very bad financial turnmoil.Erika was targetting your weakness in grammar.But I would like to say,your style of writing is Superb.Osha,a famous writer and philosopher whose books are sold like hot cakes,was very very poor in his grammar,which he knew and even openly committed.But more than the nuances of grammar,he used a communicative language of understanding.Lila is also doing it.Erika,why you bull-shit on her grammar,rather than that,focus on the content and the good attitude of hers for helping others attain prosperity.

        Practise it than preaching and finding fault.If you dont believe in any sort of prosperity,why on earth,you searched for this topic and thus looged into this site.

        Its easy to criticise but first practise it and then criticise.Its because of the negativism in your thoughts,your words and actions are reflecting arrogance.Be Positive!Try,try ,whats wrong in it,if you dont get result,leave it.But try with positivity.Even positive thoughts have miracluous effect.You are what you think,you are what you preach.Your negativity reflects in every word,you used.But recharge and being positive,you will become more talented,more succcessful!Best wishes Erika and hats off and all the very best wishes for Lila…keep going,,,,,dont get distracted if your aim is good.

    • I think people are suffering because they accept it as the norm. They always complicate things when there are much easier ways. So I don’t quite agree with you.

  2. I thought this was a great post, Frances. I believe abundance is beautifully multi-faceted and that this meditation would apply to many of those different facets. I plan to try it and am thankful that you shared.
    I’m also thankful for your positive presence; I’m not sure how anyone goes about doing good for 90% of the world’s people with such negativity.
    At any rate, thank you.

    • Thank you Karen Beth.
      I appreciate your kind comment. I hope you find benefit from this meditation. Abundance indeed comes in many forms and I truly believe that no blessing, no matter how small, should be overlooked.
      Gratitude for your positivity and grace!

  3. thanks for posting about this. i just started it tonight, and i hope it will help me with a period of transition that i am going through right now. is this meditation best done early in the first thing in the morning? i noticed that it was pretty energizing, similar to kapalabhati. also, how specific do you need to be with the intention? i have never done this sort of meditation before, where you set an intention first. to be honest, this sort of intention setting was always what gave me a lot of trouble back when i took vinyasa classes..i always had difficulty deciding on one.

    • Hi Suzanne.
      Thanks for your comments and great questions. Glad you are trying out the meditation.
      What I’ve discovered is that for me it is best to try to practice a meditation around the same day day after day.
      I personally practice my Kundalini meditations at night, because I’m normally pretty wiped out and ready for breakfast after a few hours of Ashtanga yoga in the morning. But, most practitioners of KY do their practice first thing in the morning. As you said, this meditation can feel rather energizing from the pumping of the navel and chanting/breathing. If you feel really up after practicing it, I would definitely suggest you do it first thing in the morning. When I start my day off with yoga and meditation it helps the rest of my life flow more smoothly. 🙂
      Regarding intentions…everyone does it differently. Some people are more visual, so they visualize an image to focus on. Other people are more auditory so they focus on the sounds of certain words, while some people are “feelers” so they tune into the feeling of a certain experience.
      What I do is hone in on that full and beautiful sensation, physically and emotionally, of experiencing pure unconditional love and contentment. I fill myself with the memory/experience of these feelings and then from this place, I mentally repeat certain words like “abundance, joy, wealth, creativity, success in career”. You can be even more specific if you want, a think about an actual job or something you want, but I normally just try to focus on the feelings and concepts of prosperity and fulfillment and then let the universe do its thing.
      If I’m ever at a loss for an intention, I always return to the feeling of love, devotion and contentment and then just ask the universe to allow me to be open to receive whatever it is that I need to receive in order to live in alignment with my highest self.
      I really hope this helps.
      Let me know how it goes.

      • hi frances,
        thanks! that helps quite a bit actually. i think i was doing more of a visual thing, which was causing me a lot of confusion..but this helps me make it more useful in the meditation. i am sticking with evenings, as i can focus on it better then.
        i will let you know how it goes.

  4. thank you so much, I am starting today. this is by far the easiest and straight forward technique I have seen. I love that it doesn’t take much time too.

    • You’re very welcome Miranda. It is a powerful technique for sure, and it’s so awesome that all it takes is a few minutes of focused intention and chanting. Hope it goes well for you.

  5. I know this is an old posting, but I’ve just come across it today. Not only do I appreciate you spreading the goodness of a meditation practice, but you are seemingly kind and set a beautiful example of how to handle those who have lost the meaning of life and the glimmer of hope that once existed in every human being. I practice the Law of Attraction. It is real. It has given me gifts I have never dreamed of, from total strangers nonetheless, and yes, it works. People may laugh and nay-say all they want, but it’s those of us practicing the Law of Attraction that know the real secret to life and are giggling at the ignorance of those who have not experienced it for themselves. Authentic hearts receive authentic gifts. May you continue on your worthy and personal journey, to all the abundance you ever dreamed of. With love, light and support to you!

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  7. Lila,
    Thank you for your mediation reminder on abundance. (I even know where the handouts you gave to me on the topic are located….in the stack of stuff in my closet….believe or not that puts them in the top 2%of priorities in my world.)
    And thank you for talking about the “M” word in WHAT I KNOW FOR YOU IS IN THE MUCH LARGER SPIRITUAL CONTEXT of prosperity and abundance. As a former Presbyterian Pastor, it was funny how for 11 months out of the year the Spiritual Banner of the Self Righteous in the pews was “Everything that we have or hope to have is THE LOOOOORDS'”. (The same smug crew who would blindly and routinely put down others who were not created in THEIR IMAGE to build themselves up in the name of HIM)
    Then, during “STEWARDSHIP SEASON” ,(Still have yet to shoot my first Stewardship) the Mantra from the spiritual blow hards became “MY SHIT IS MY SHIT.”
    Though now currently a hindu/buddhi/yogen/gnostiniian (aka spiritual mut) it is still okay to ask for money as a part of our meditation on abundance. It is okay for me to want to be able to pay for my 2 wonderful daughters’ college educations so they can go into the world as Elementary teacher and Music Teacher without being burdened by student loans. It is okay to enjoy something nice every now and then and be grateful. It is okay to pray for money so that I can start taking groups to my adopted orphanage in Kingston JA and projects in West Virginia.
    ERIKA, I can assure you that there is absolutely NOTHING in France’s life that trivializes or demeans the poor and needy. I am in a strange way glad that you said what you said though. For France’s initial writing on the topic began to expand my heart. Your comment made my heart move inward and grow smaller.
    It makes me check my own motives for money. For though I have vacated the pulpit, I do not have the right to participate in self-righteous finger wagging should I do something for the needy. For then I become as one who talks about the poor and needy while patting myself on the back for how great I am for helping others, or that I have outstanding grammar skills……
    I hope that this conversation spurs me on to get back in the muck of those who do have much less than me and that I will put in my 40 days to commit to prosperity and abundance. That the sound of Har becomes the sound of the potential, of prosperity and of powerful potency.
    P.S. Not just for the poor and needy, not just for a full and abundant heart that practices the art of humble and joyful gratitude but so “thats” I can gets me a new (old) 100 year old hickory shaft golf club I have been eyeing, sinner that I am.;)

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