Introducing: Roots and Wings Jewelry

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I am absolutely thrilled to present Lila’s first sponsor, Roots and Wings Jewelry!

Over the next few weeks, I will be introducing you to the wonderful, creative women and their companies who are so kindly sponsoring Lila. Each of these companies offers products that I personally love and respect. These are companies that care about health, creativity, beauty, wellness and individuality – the kind of values that Lila is all about.

I hope you will get to know my sponsors, check out their websites and support their work. Thanks so much for helping Lila grow!

Roots and Wings Jewelry is lovingly handcrafted in picturesque coastal Oregon by Ashley Mersereau.


Ashley is one of my dear friends from college and is seriously one of the most creative people I know. When we traveled together after graduation  in Australia and Thailand with a few other girl friends, she always had her sketchbook, journal and camera handy to capture images and write reflections of our adventures.


Ashley is a nature girl. She was raised by the ocean in a small town in Oregon. She loves to hike in the woods, walk on the beach, grow flowers and fresh vegetables in her family garden and then cook delicious, nourishing food with this bounty – she’s a bombshell in the kitchen, I can attest to this. Her love of the land, the ocean and the whole energy of thePacific Northwest shows through in her artwork.


Ashley is one of those people I can turn to when I need a reminder to view the world with an open heart and a sense of wonder. Her art – jewelry, paintings, photographs – are instilled with a gentle optimism and appreciation of the “good things” – the hot cups of tea on a rainy afternoon, the giggly potlucks with friends, the salty ocean breeze in your hair and the happiness of being present each day for a creative and healthy life.


To catch a glimpse into her world stop her her personal blog at Roots&Wings.

To browse her lovely creations, please visit her Etsy shop Roots and Wings Jewelry.

And then be sure to look at the dreamy photography blog, Soggy Roots, she co-creates with her partner, professional photographer Justin Bailie.


I’ve posed a few questions for Ashley to help you get to know her and her beautiful artwork better.

 Q: Where do you find inspiration?
A.:  I am inspired by so many things all the time.  The natural world, the shapes and patterns I see in my daily forays into the forest and beaches of my home on the Oregon coast are a constant source of inspiration.  Patterns and designs in fabric, tribal jewelry, photography, and even something as simple as the slant of light through my kitchen window in the evening, might spark an idea or creative moment.


Q:  What are your favorite materials?
A:  I love working with metals, especially copper, there is something really satisfying and exciting about the different shapes that metals take when hammered and worked with.  I work as much as possible with semi precious stones and am really partial to turquoise, chrysoprase, amethyst and peruvian opals.  I love incorporating found objects when possible, as well as leather and wood.


Q:  How does your art reflect your philosophy on life?
A:  I love this question!!  For me, making art and being creative is so much more than just a job or a hobby.  I believe that the best way we can contribute to the world is to be the most true, authentic, happy version of ourselves, and for me this means creating art and bringing beauty into the world.  My jewelry is bright, dramatic, and hopefully will make the wearer smile.  I personally think you can’t discount the importance of beautiful things in the world.


Q:  What’s your number one personal tip for health and happiness?
A:  Simple; find what it is that you love to do, what makes your soul sing and your heart feel fulfilled, and pursue it.  Sometimes this can feel hard and complicated, but keep doing it anyways.


How great are these answers? Can you see why I love this gal!

Thank you Ashley for your support and taking the time to share your work with us.

Thank you dear readers for being here and making Lila happen!

Blessings and Love


Photographs by Justin Bailie and Socheat. Thanks!


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