Introducing: A’Terra and Earth Garden Botanicals

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I’m really excited to introduce you today to Lila’s newest sponsor – A’Terra and Earth Garden Botanicals.

This line of natural skin-care, medicinal herbal teas and essential oils are all lovingly produced at Green Earth Farm in Saguache, Colorado.

Lillian McCracken, with her husband, co-founded Green Earth Farm in the high altitude San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado.

I have visited this beautiful certified-organic farm and had the great privilege to learn about traditional herbal medicine from Lillian when I was a student at Crestone Healing Arts Center.


Lillian is a true “wise woman” in my book. She has spent her life learning from the earth and from the energy of the plants themselves. She is a truly gifted astrologer, gardener and healer.

From her decades of experience with plants she has meticulously developed two lines of self-care products to nourish and heal the body and mind using plants and herbs from her own farm.

A’Terra consists of a line of organic body products such as lotions, cremes, serums, balms and perfectly blended essential oils.

Earth Garden Botanicals is her line of healing herbal teas and tinctures.


I’m a huge believer that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Most of the shampoo and cosmetic products on the market these days are the skincare equivalent of Twinkies and Doritos. They are chock full of toxic chemicals and artificial substances.

A’Terra products are more akin to home-cooked vegetable kitcharee and green smoothies – healing, cleansing and purifying.

I have been using her products for a few years now and I recommend them to everyone I know. They are so high quality, amazingly-prized, hand-made and seriously some of the cleanest and greenest products on the market!

My skin responds beautifully to the Radiance Complexion Serum and Lotus Lotion. The Herbal Lip Balm is a must for me, especially during these dry winter months.


My husband and I both rely heavily on her Relief headache essential oil blend. It is a life-saver for anyone who suffers from regular headaches.

One of her other products that I love is the Lunar Harmony tea blend. Drinking this tea regularly helped balance my moon cycle and hormones – it’s true medicine.

If you can’t tell – I’m a big fan of A’Terra and I love knowing that these products I use daily are handmade in my own state with organically grown plants.


To learn more about Green Earth Farm, visit the website.

To peruse the selection of natural skincare and herbal products, visit the A’Terra and Earth Garden Botanicals online store.


To help you get to know the woman behind the plants just a bit more, I asked Lillian a few questions:

When did you start growing herbs and making your own products?

We started Green Earth in1987. I started making herbal preparations in the early 70’s but not commercially until 1988. Our first product was the Calendula Crème & it just grew from there in response to requests. I moved from San Francisco to northern California in the late 60’s. Sonoma County became the epicenter of the organic agriculture, alternative healing & herbal renaissance. I was fortunate to be able to apprentice with some amazing teachers there.

What are your three favorite products that you currently produce?

It’s nearly impossible to choose my three favorite preparations but if I have to, I would choose our first product which was the Calendula Crème, our most recent: Tree of Life Nourishing Crème & the Solar Protection Mist because at 8000 feet of elevation you need it daily all year round.



Dear readers, I hope you check out these wonderful products!

Huge thanks to Lillian for her support of Lila!


Blessings and Love,



One thought on “Introducing: A’Terra and Earth Garden Botanicals

  1. I am delighted to read this post. I have been using these products for several years and I think they are extraordinary! I especially love the Radiance Complexion Serum (and the tiny green bottle- a gift from a friend this autumn- makes a fabulous small present for loved ones.) In fact, I use this delicately scented serum first thing every morning, and I’ve been accused on several occasions of making the room smell of roses…. delicious! Now here’s an irony, as I opened my computer this morning, I see that I had placed on the table beside me several things to remind me to order more: the fabulous serum (yes, I go through alot- but it’s reasonably priced) and the most wonderful, gardenesque cleaning product imaginable: Seafoam cleansing grains. Amazing stuff! I didn’t get around to ordering them yesterday, but shall do so today. Thank you for sharing this line with your readers.

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