Thali Tuesday and Coconut Party Time.


Yesterday a group of 18 of us piled in a few taxis and ventured into the city of Trivandrum.

We know a number of the other yoga students here from attending this Mysore intensive last year and from practicing at DG’s studio in Philly. But there are some newbies too, mostly Europeans. Our little outing yesterday was a fun way for us to get to know each other better.

We went to a celebrated vegetarian thali restaurant in the city. Thali are traditional South Indian meals that consist of many little dishes, both sweet and savory, served on a banana leaf with chapati, pappadam and rice. As soon as you finish one dish, a server is scooping more food onto your plate whether you want it or not.

We all stuffed our faces and had a very convivial time – practicing 2+ hours of Ashtanga in this heat definitely works up an appetite!


With full bellies, we traversed the chaos of center city to get to the shopping oasis of FabIndia. This is a great store found all over India that sells high-quality, well-priced clothes, accessories, bedspreads and other home decor all made of hand-blocked cotton and silk by Indian artisans. Thaddeus and DG both rock the FabIndia signature fitted vests and I love all the beautiful printed kurtas. They are the perfect thing to toss on over yoga clothes for going out to breakfast or to dress up in for temple.


Afterwards a few of us ventured into the market place to help Thad find a small, 1 and a half octave harmonium so he and I can chant while we are here. We were unsuccessful but it was still quite the entertaining adventure to pop in and out of all the different music shops in town.


Another highlight from yesterday was arriving home from practice to discover a local man high up in the trees above our apartment tossing down coconuts. He had tied a rope around this ankles, scaled up the slender trunk with a huge rusty knife in his hand and was hurling palm fronds and green coconuts all over the place.



After he descended, the proprietor of our place popped out with a bunch of straws. Our friendly little coconut man, started chopping them open for us to drink the fresh juice.


Warm coconut juice is not quite as refreshing as the cans from the Whole Foods cooler (hate to say that…) but the novelty of our impromptu coconut party on the porch was way cooler.


Thanks for reading Lila.

Love and Blessings,



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