A Day in the Life.

Sunday Funday – this was a good one with a little extra twist at the end.

You might wonder what we do all day here in Kovalam after practice is done, so I’m going to give a little run-down of today to paint a picture for you.

I’m kind of lazy so I rise out of bed around 6am. I dry brush and then take a cold bucket shower.I practice a brief sequence of Kundalini Yoga warmups including some Breath of Fire to wake up! Then I sit for 10 minutes of alternate nostril breathing followed by 10 minutes of silent meditation.

By this time, I’m ready to practice so I walk over to the shala, arriving around 7am. My practice is just around 2 hours right now.


Afterwards, David answered questions for the group and then gave a wonderful talk on the Samadhi Pada of the Yoga Sutras (more on that tomorrow).

Post-talk, some of us convened for a leisurely breakfast at one of our favorite places – we call it “Super Bottoms!”


I let myself eat whatever and however much I want here in India (including dairy, which is typically a no-no for me) and I still manage to come home in better shape, mostly from the intensity of practice plus the heat and lots of walking.

For breakfast I like masala dosa, papaya juice and a pot of chai with extra ginger. Darn tasty.

Today we refrained from the beach and sun. Instead, I ran over to the tailor to pick up my new dress and then we spent the mid-part of the day relaxing, reading, playing cards and doing a few loads of bucket laundry, which is a workout in itself.


We gathered with some friends for a late lunch at one of the more Western vibe restaurants called “Fusion”. It’s a bit overpriced but the date shakes are divine and there’s a nice view of the ocean. I was not in the mood for Indian food, so I went out on a limb and ordered the mysterious “tofu burger”. Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me.

What arrived was something like a tofu stir-fry stuffed into a patty of fried potato on some rye bread and spicy tapioca chips. Hilarious, but kind of delicious nonetheless.


We hired a bevy of rickshaws to take us up to hill to meet up with DG, who led us valiantly back into the jungle on his motorcycle to the house that he and Joy rent.

I love this picture because it pretty much captures both of their respective and differing attitude towards India.


We convened at DG’s awesome place which overlooks this massive old limestone quarry filled with fresh water, to read aloud Thornton Wilder’s classic play “Our Town”.


We ate fresh papaya and cashews and gathered in their kitchen as Joy assigned us parts. Despite most people’s reservation about the whole play-reading idea, we all had such a blast. Our European friends were such good sports reading aloud this play in English with all its dated slang and lingo. There was much laughter all around.


To close our soiree, some students jumped in a nearby swimming hole while the rest of us ventured to the tiny neighborhood temple to take a look around.



We climbed on top of a massive sun-baked rock to chill and watch the sunset before returning back to our own homes.



Home now and ready to call it a night. I was a bit overzealous with the uploading of all these photos given the speed of our internet – whoops. I’m so happy to be blogging this trip, but it can be kind of a pain given the connection.

Thad and I are going to practice our nightly meditation together now, read for a few and then be out by 9:30pm so we will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for Mysore and guided pranayama tomorrow morning.

So that was my Sunday.

What about you?

Thanks for reading Lila!




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