Pain, Sunburn, Laughter and a Sobfest.

That’s all folks. That pretty much sums up my day.

I wish I had some brilliant insights and beautiful photos to share with you, but honestly, I’m spent from the good and the bad of this day and all I really want to do is snuggle up with my man and maybe kick his butt in a round of cards.

Yoga made me cry this morning – involuntary dribbly tears. It was a morning of shooting pain, weak arms and getting dragged down by my defeatist attitude. Those practices happen. Live and learn.

Left yoga early, got online, contemplated changing my return ticket back to the States to leave…tomorrow. Had a little cry. Thad got home and in attempts to make me laugh said “This really is the worst honey moon ever”, which promptly turned me into a massive sobfest.

And then that too passed. Had a group breakfast, DG gave me some good solid advice and reassurance about my practice including a legit compliment on my bakasana – “you really are my student!”  That was good.

Power was out in the whole town all day long. So, in an attempt to stay cool, we went to the beach. I managed to get a tiny sunburn on one arm and my belly. Lame. It hurts.

Had some good laughs, read a good chunk out of my book and then topped it off with a tasty early dinner and some cake with friends.

Boom. That was my day in a nutshell.

Let’s hope for something a bit more profound tomorrow, shall we? But I made a promise to post every single day so this is what you get.

Love to all my readers for sticking with me on this Indian roller coaster! Thanks!




6 thoughts on “Pain, Sunburn, Laughter and a Sobfest.

    • thanks maria 🙂
      glad my pathetic post came across as sweet…haha…
      i’m reading victor hugo’s les miserables. it is very long but i’m halfway through it and i feel like it’s this conquest that i have to finish whether i want to or not. it’s actually totally fascinating, but then there will be 5 chapters of total randomness. i’m also reading graham shweig’s translation of the bhagavad gita and mirabai starr’s book ‘god of love’. what about you?

      • I am rereading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and slogging through Charles Eisnestein’s Sacred Economics-Money, Gift & Society in The Age of Transition. Slow going but fascinating. I have great fiction recommendations if you have a Kindle…:)

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