Introducing: Bhakti Chai


Hi dear readers.

Super exciting news today.

Lila has a new sponsor – Bhakti Chai! 

Bhakti Chai is a Boulder, CO based company that microbrews, you guessed it, kick-ass chai with an awesome message.


I’ve been a major fan of this fiery and delicious elixir for a number of years now. When I was doing my Kundalini Yoga TT in Boulder in 2008, we would rush over to Whole Foods after our early morning sadhana for a cup of Bhakti Chai. At this time, it was only available in certain areas of Colorado. Then, when I was living on the East Coast for 2 years, my husband would order a box of Bhakti to be sent from CO for my birthday and Christmas. This was always one of my favorite gifts.

Bhakti Chai is, without a doubt, bomb-diggity – the absolute perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

Bhakti Chai has grown in a sustainable and grass-roots manner into a successful business, staying true to the original mission of responsible social action and high-quality products made with love. Bhakti Chai is alway brewed using Fair Trade, non-GMO and certified organic ingredients. As a company they have prioritized zero waste manufacturing and dedicated part of their profits to supporting various nonprofit organizations serving women, girls and the environment.


The founder of Bhakti Chai, Brook Eddy, was inspired to start making this delicious drink from her experiences in Northern India studying the devotional and service-oriented path of Bhakti Yoga in the early oughts. Home-brewing chai began as a way for her to remember the evocative scents of India but quickly grew into a small industry once her friends and family got a hold of the delicious tea. To read more about the story of this wonderful business, click HERE.


The kick that gives Bhakti Chai its distinct and authentic taste comes from a perfect blend of health-enriching and antioxidant- supercharged spices such as cardamon, black pepper, fennel, clove and fresh ginger juice. These spices fuel the digestive fires – agni – warming you from the inside to keep your digestion strong and healthy. This spicy blend mixed with Fair-Trade, organic black tea packs a punch when it comes to cancer-fighting antioxidants.

025Unlike many common chai blends found in America, it is not loaded with refined sugars, syrups or preservatives. Personally, I find many of these types of chai, like the kind you would get at Starbucks, too sicky-sweet and totally unlike any chai I’ve ever tasted in India.

Bhakti Chai is authentic – it lets the taste of the tea and spices do the talking.

Bhakti Chai can be bought in concentrate or in small bottles pre-blended with soy milk for an on-the-go pick me up. There is an unsweetened option available in the concentrate (my preference) as well as a de-caffeinated version (Thad’s choice) and there’s even a coffee-chai blend for those who want to fly to the moon and back. 🙂


I love to whisk together, on the stove-top, unsweetened almond milk and unsweetened BC with a spoonful of coconut sugar as my morning treat. I also adore tossing a splash of Bhakti into my vegan pancakes and french toast batter. So yummy! Check out all these other fun recipes you can make with Bhakti Chai.

When Thaddeus and I decided to move back to CO last year, I asked him, “What are you most looking forward to about being back out west?”

To which he replied, “Snow and Bhakti Chai.”

It’s that good.


Thad enjoying his morning Bhakti…this photo still cracks me up! 

Check to see where you can find Bhakti Chai locally

Or shop online!

products_GROWLERS_1Thanks Bhakti Chai for supporting Lila blog!

Blessings to all,


(all images from, except the pic of my hubby’s butt – that’s mine and mine alone..hehe)


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