My Kundalini Yoga Class in Denver

kundalini-yogaSat Nam my friends.

Excited to share with you that I’m starting to teach Kundalini Yoga here in the lovely mile-high city!

My first class is this Friday at noon at Kundalini Yoga Denver in the Highlands. This class will be an hour-long and is open to students of all levels of experience. We will practice kriyas, breath-control techniques, learn meditations and chant mantras. I’m really looking forward to sharing this beautiful and powerful yoga practice with you, so if you live in Denver, please come check out KYD!

All the classes at KYD are on a donation-basis. As a teacher there, I’m also up for bartering goods/services if paying cash ain’t your thing ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m even cool with you bringing your baby/kiddo.

Basically, I just love this practice and want to share it with people in an accessible and open-hearted way.

Kundalini Yoga Denver’s motto is ย “Connect. Grow. Elevate.” – and that’s 100% percent what I’m about.

Love Frances



image of yogi bhajan


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