Pictures: Ashtanga Yoga with DG

My dear friend Lauren was kind enough to send me a few photos that DG took of us little Ashtangis in the shala during our time in Kovalam last month. To any of you out there interested in traveling to India to deepen your yoga practice, I would highly encourage you to look at David Garrigues’s Mysore Intensive in Kovalam.

Working with DG, you will get so much personal attention and assistance in your practice, plus you get to hang out by the beach with a bunch of awesome people from around the world. Many yoga people ask me whether I’ve been to Mysore on any of my trips to India. Often these people are surprised when I tell them that I have very little interest in practicing with Sharath at Mysore. Perhaps I will go one day just to see the place, but for now, if I’m going to save up my money to fly all the way to India to practice yoga, I would rather be with my teacher (who is an amazing asana technician, thoroughly steeped in the lineage) who can give me one-on-one instruction and very personal guidance in my practice. DG’s instensive are pressure-cookers; a lot of powerful work gets done there.

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It’s snowing heavily here in Denver so we are headed up to the mountains tomorrow to make some turns – I heart CO!

Love and Blessings,



3 thoughts on “Pictures: Ashtanga Yoga with DG

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Frances! I’ve never practiced with David before but I like the idea of all that personal attention. Plus your photos of the beach and the accommodations were really appealing. No need to search blindly for an okay place to stay in Mysore, huh?

    • Hi Savannah 🙂
      Check out a few of DG’s youtube video’s like his ‘asana kitchen’ ones to get a sense of him and his teaching style. He’s awesome.
      Kovalam is a fun place and it’s not as totally crazy and exhausting as some other parts of India because it’s a touristy beach town.

  2. Amazing pictures. Love it when I see people doing Yoga. Its the best way to relax and stay fit. Better than all other exercises. Thanks a lot for a wonderful blog. Its great to be here.

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