I’m Loving…

irving-penndorian leigh, new york, 1946 • irving penn

Ashtanga teacher Dena Kinsberg’s beautiful words on marriage, birth and parenting. I was totally smitten by her at the Confluence – such grace, devotion and realness. I hope to have the chance to study with her more in the future. I really feel like she could be “my teacher,” especially in the coming years as I approach the questions of practice in pregnancy.

The emerald green dress in this dreamy inspiration shoot. I’m fully on board with emerald being “the color of the year” – it is crazy gorgeous.

My Thaddeus. I always love him of course, but I’m especially grateful for the extra awesomeness he’s been offering me these past few weeks. Since I’m in school right now and he is not working (he begins his acupuncture program in two months and will be fully engaged in that endeavor for the next 3 years) he has been cooking me dinner every night, preparing post-practice breakfast while I shower, running errands, cleaning the house and not even letting me touch a dirty dish. A-mazing. I really like having a housewife! He’s cute too.

This so-clean-you-can-eat-it face scrub from Naya Organics. My skin feels soft as satin after I use it.

This blog about incredible and inspirational women who’ve changed how we view the world. I love the drawings and quotes – I always learn something fascinating from this site.

Helping build the Kundalini Yoga Denver community by manning the Facebook page and other marketing tools. I love my fellow teachers  and I feel really blessed to have found this group here in CO.

What’s are you loving on right now?








2 thoughts on “I’m Loving…

  1. Francis – I have been following your blog for 4 or so months & I am so enjoying you.
    Thank you for your open heart, honesty & darn great tips & treasures you share unselfishly.
    You beautiful soul. I thought that gorgeous woman was you at the top of the blog.
    Your a dynamo.
    Blessings blessings to you and Thaddeus.
    Yogini-DeNa (denay)

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