Yoga Notes: Making the Transition


Here’s the good news – My SI pain is virtually gone. It took a lot of meticulous thigh-squeezing, iron-lock bandha-holding and paranoid asana modifying to get here but I’m making progress and feeling good! Hurray!

Here’s the bad news – The rest of my body is all wonked-out, crazy confused and probably seriously out of alignment, like, I think my head is stuck on a bass-ackwards tilt right now.

Here’s the why – Yesterday I made the transition to just doing Second Series up through pincha mayurasana. That’s right, no Primary Series to gently butter up my stiff stubborn hip joints before I try to make all those funny leg-behind-the-head poses. Ouch.

After the guidance from one of my Ashtanga mentors/inspirations, the amazing Sarah Dee and my current Mysore teacher here in Denver, I made the choice to move on and start working more of Intermediate even though my leg-behind-the-head poses are less than exemplary. This meant learning titibasana and pincha mayurasana officially. Titi is a crazy quad workout and pincha is fun/scary and those are my deep thoughts about my new poses.

Anyways, making the transition is rough. I’m happy for the shorter practice, but jumping straight into Second Series is a whole new game. One that I’m psyched to be on, but wow, today my hips absolutely rebelled after the work I put them through yesterday.

Krounchasana is like a cruel joke without any of the Primary forward folds preceding it.

Breathing suddenly becomes labored and jagged. None of the oceanic smoothness that I’m finally tapping into after a few years of Primary Series.

Kapotasana is just bad on so many levels. So many. Let’s not talk about it.

Parsva dhanurasana hurts my bony shoulders and my tweaky knees. Plus, it’s just a silly looking pose. I always think about sailboats capsizing.

Nevertheless, it’s exciting and challenging to be making this transition. The time has come!

Right now in my life I feel very open to newness and pushing myself a little harder, but in the most positive way. I feel really passionate about my new career direction in flower design. I love flowers so much! I’m loving my new home and city. My marriage is growing as our communication levels deepen and our companionship sweetens. I’m thrilled by the expansion of my reach here on Lila and am super grateful for all the support and encouragement I get from my readers – that means you!

All in all… My body is being thrown for a loop with this new practice…just as my head gets topsy turvy twisted with every new change that occurs in my life, but –

I know and trust that whatever breaks can be put back together again. 

It just takes a little extra faith and grit to keep truckin’ on…even if that means walking funny for a few days.  🙂

Love and Blessings,


PS – Awesome news! Denver yogis – I am going to be teaching Kundalini Yoga at Karma Yoga Center on Saturday mornings now. 7:45 to 8:45am starting this weekend! Please come practice with me !

cartoon cuteness by boonchu


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