This Is Why I Practice Yoga.


Often times when people find out that I have a serious daily yoga and meditation practice, they say things like, “Wow – you’re so good!”, “That’s impressive – that’s a lot of exercise!”, “You have so much discipline, I could never do that.”

Those are nice sentiments and all, so I politely respond with some words of thanks mingled with a touch of self-deprecation (can’t help myself).

But I don’t practice yoga because I am good or disciplined. I don’t practice because I am righteous or virtuous. I certainly don’t practice because I am perfect or peaceful. Nor do I practice to impress you or to prove some inane point about my wonderful brilliant sparkly shininess.

I practice because without practice I am a mess.

I practice because it helps me see myself more clearly and it gives me the push I need to try harder and to love more.

I practice because it makes me feel incredibly strong and pathetically weak – both of which I am.

My practice shows me how powerful I am, and how completely powerless I am in the grand scheme of things.

I practice because, if I dont, I’m even more reactive and distracted. Because I can be cruel and mean, Scorpio-stinging vicious actually, and that’s not cool. I don’t want to be like that – and so I practice.

I practice because I love the challenge and I love the grace.

I practice because I never want to stop learning or stop growing.

I practice because it helps me learn when to strive and when to surrender.

I practice because it puts things in perspective – it gives me a sense of humor and a sense of gravity.

I practice because I don’t want to sleep-walk through my life without a real authentic relationship with myself and my soul.

I practice because it keeps me sober, it keeps me real, it keeps me honest – brutally so.

I practice because it shows me just how far I have to go and it gives me the tools to keep going with faith and perseverance.

I practice because I need to. No one’s going to do it for me, no one can “fix” me or heal me except for myself and so I practice…every day.

My practice is a choice.

But it’s not a pretty one.

It’s simply sink or swim,

And I’m too stubborn to drown.



Om Tat Sat.


38 thoughts on “This Is Why I Practice Yoga.

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! And I agree—this is why I practice as well, especially this: “I practice because I need to. No one’s going to do it for me, no one can “fix” me or heal me except for myself and so I practice…every day.” Just lovely. Thank you.

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  3. Wow – I am so honored by all these lovely comments here and on Facebook too. I think the thing I love most about blogging is the opportunity it provides to connect with other practitioners on similar paths of seeking and devotion. It’s such a beautiful thing.
    Thank you for reaching out and commenting. I feel really humbled by the outpouring of responses about this post.
    Love and Blessings.

  4. Just perfect – a friend shared this on my facebook page and it really captures perfectly why I practice yoga most days. It’s not to get fit, or strong or to elevate myself above everyone else, or even to prove anything to myself. I practice because when i don’t my body complains, I am ungrounded, jittery, irritable and unproductive. A really lovely, honest post.

  5. Dearest F,
    Thank you soo much for sharing…and for the ever-bearing truth!
    Welling tears in these eyes, are a sign of totally relating…you put words to something that I had not. In turn, very revealing, and perhaps a new light shed into this being. Thank you.

    Love & blessings.

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  9. I hope you don’t mind I posted this on my FB. Your words are so beautiful and express everything I feel about my practice and I’m a Scoprio too!

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  15. I’ve read this several times in the last few hours. I love it! Perfectly and wholly describes my practice. I don’t practice to be seen as an enlightened yogini. I practice to be a better version of myself. And it’s an every day struggle. Thank you!

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