Introducing Kharma Khare + A YOGA MAT GIVEAWAY!


Hi Lila readers.

Happy Monday! I’m excited to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Kharma Khare! These awesome folks are donating one of their amazingly cushy yoga mats to one lucky reader. Keep on reading to learn how to enter into this giveaway!


Kharma Khare is an eco-friendly, socially-conscious company making top-of-line yoga mats. They are the most environmentally aligned yoga mat company out there and on top of that, they give 10% of their profits to yogically-oriented charities. I’ve been practicing on a Kharma Khare mat recently and I love how sturdy and comfortable it is. One of my pet peeves with yoga mats is when they slide around on the floor, or when you’re doing a vinyasa and the drag over your toes action actually picks up the mat and makes a hump which you then have to stop and fix. Annoying. In order to avoid this I have to use a good substantial mat. There are already enough distractions in practice (uh, hello monkey mind!) so the last thing you want is a slippery flimsy yoga mat!

Kharma Khare mats are seriously solid. They are made out of recycled (and carefully detoxified) rubber tires. These old tires are burned down, cleaned of toxic chemicals and separated into granules that are combined with an organic adhesive to be stamped into 72″ x 24″ yoga mats. A Kharma Khare yoga mat is so strong that it will last you your entire lifetime of practice. But, if you decide you want a new mat, they have an exchange program so you can send back your old mat, which they will burn down and process to make a new one, and then send you new one at half-price. Pretty cool.

One thing I really dig about this company is that their product and their message is not about looks, it’s not about the superficial qualities of the mat or the practice (I mean, seriously, you’re just going to be standing and rolling around on it, it’s not like it needs to have sequins and match your neon luon!). What Kharma Khare focuses on is the quality, durability and environmental impact of their product.


I’m an Ashtangi – I like function and form. I love that I can roll in garbha pindasana on the comfortable cushion of this mat without any pain on my spine. I like that it has a firm grip so that my hands don’t slide in down dog. I love that after a few Surya Namaskar, once the heat begins to build in my body, the grip in my hands and feet gets even better on this mat (compared to some mats which get much too slick as soon as you even slightly perspire). I love that it stays put right where I lay it on the floor. It’s heavy (8 pounds) like a Manduka Black mat, so it’s not necesarily the mat I would travel with, but for those of you with a home practice or you keep your mat in the car to drive to your studio, it’s an awesome choice.

I’m really pleased to have Kharma Khare as a sponsor on Lila and I hope you check out their fantastic product and enter into our little giveaway!

To learn a more about this wonderful company, watch this short video:


One lucky Lila reader will receive a Kharma Kharma yoga mat (worth $145)!

If you want to be that person…here’s what you gotta do:

1. Like Kharma Khare on FACEBOOK (while you’re at it, like LILA BLOG too if you haven’t already!)

2. Pick a Lila post that you like and then SHARE it on Facebook/Twitter/whatever form of social media you dig.

3. Come back to this post and COMMENT letting me know that you’ve liked and shared. Be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you win!

The winner of this giveaway will be randomly chosen on Sunday April 21 at 10:08am MST.

Best of luck!




32 thoughts on “Introducing Kharma Khare + A YOGA MAT GIVEAWAY!

  1. Hey Frances.
    Probably I do not have a chance, do I, being in Germany and all. But I’ll give it a try anyways. Your description of those mats sounds great. So I liked Kharma Khare and shared your post ‘be a lamp…’.
    Kind greetings from Frankfurt

  2. Hello Frances!
    Liked and shared the green smoothie recipe! Need a yoga mat, hope I winnn! Love the blog keep it up!

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  5. I just shared your very much appreciated Vetiver post…Please enter me for the Kharma Khare mat giveaway….I just found you last week and am loving you here and on FB …..Shanti Lila

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