Baby Boggle


When my husband Thaddeus looks at puppies, his eyes overflow with the sort of love and longing that fills mine when I look at babies.

Well, we’ve got a little time to wait before the babies, so Thad’s longing won.


And I couldn’t be happier. I’m madly in love with this new addition to our family!

Meet Artemis! Two and half months old and absolute perfection.


She’s a Boggle, a mix of a Boston Terrier and a Beagle.

She sleeps in bed with us at night (we decided long ago to be a co-sleeping family) and she’s an expert snuggler.


Voila! Little Miss Artie Harjeet! Puppy cuteness extraordinaire!



Love and Blessings,




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9 thoughts on “Baby Boggle

  1. I pur chased the Lotus & Artichoke
    I could not be happier.
    Thank you so much again for all you share.
    Love love love your Boogle Girl

  2. Oh my goodness, Frances! Artie is SO CUTE!! Congratulations to you both! 🙂 Keep snapping those photos and taking videos because they (sniffle) grow up so darned fast.

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  5. Hi there, where did this baby come from? I’ve been watching my friend’s boggle for 6 months and she’s coming to take her back, I want one of my own! Can’t seem to find any breeders..

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