Essential Oil of the Week: Vetiver

Vetiver LeavesVetiver essential oil comes from the fibrous root structure of a dense perennial grass grown in places such as Haiti, Sri Lanka and India.

This potent, earthy and sweet smelling oil has been used traditionally as a base note in perfumes (to this day it is used in 90% of all perfumes). It has a long history of use to bring about tranquility and protection from evil spirits and influences and… bugs!

Vetiver essential oil is a complex oil, golden to dark brown in color with a warm, deep aroma reminiscent of the woods and marshes. It is a very safe oil (non-phototoxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing) with many uses, so definitely a good one to consider purchasing. 

Incredibly centering and supportive to the nervous system, this is a great oil for grounding vata and cooling pitta aggravation. Emotionally, the use of vetiver oil provides a sense of security and balance. It helps to calm the mind when too many thoughts are swirling around creating anxiety and confusion.

Vetiver oil has the ability to consolidate and bring clarity to a frazzled mind – it’s a perfect tool for bolstering your meditation practice. Vetiver grounds energy and promotes strength and solidity. It is an ideal essential oil for people who tend to “float outside” their bodies, because it can help center them back into the physical and into body-centered reality.

For the physical body, vetiver oil is beneficial for varicose veins, poor circulation (cold hands/feet), muscular aches and pains and arthritis. It can be helpful for insomnia, PMS, menopause and postnatal depression.

Wonderful for the skin, vetiver oil helps with inflamed conditions, acne and oily skin as it is slightly astringent. It’s used as a preventative for stretch marks and wrinkles. Vetiver is very nourishing for dry or irritated skin and can help with wound care and topical infections caused by fungus or bacteria.

A great way to employ vetiver in your skincare regime is to add just one or two drops to an unscented natural lotion or carrier oil for your face and body.

I like to put a drop on the soles of my feet and on my heart center for its grounding and relaxing effect.

Have you used vetiver oil before? What are your favorite essential oils and way to incorporate them into your health and beauty regimes?


Love Frances


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3 thoughts on “Essential Oil of the Week: Vetiver

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  2. Yes, vetiver is one of my favorite essential oils! I especially like to use when I’m feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded. I’ll place some on my heart center to help remind me of my divine connection.

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