Essential Oil of the Week: Lemongrass


This week’s essential oil is one that I’ve been using quite a lot of recently: Lemongrass.

The reason why is that lemongrass oil is a superb household cleaner….especially when you have a new puppy that’s still in the process of potty-training! I filled a small spray bottle with water, baking soda, lemongrass and lemon essential oils and have been using it to disinfect my wood floors pretty much every day. Add lemongrass oil to castille soap to clean bathrooms, kitchens and dishes. It can be added to borax for laundry as well.

Lemongrass oil is highly antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal. It’s a potent cleansing and purifying oil for the body and the home.

It has a lemony, bright and cheery fragrance. It is astringent and quite strong, so never use this oil straight – always dilute it in water (if diffusing or using in a bath) or in a carrier oil such as almond or jojoba (if applying topically).

Lemongrass oil is a natural insect repellant and can be diffused to reduce microbes and bacteria in the air, so it’s a great oil to have around the house during cold/flu season. 

I recommend taking a bottle of lemongrass oil with you on long plane rides. The aroma is uplifting, clearing for the sinuses and it can help keep your immune system strong. In addition, diluted lemongrass oil can be rubbed on the shoulders, neck and hairline before, during and after plane travel to help cope with jetlag.

Because of its astringent properties, it is beneficial for healing oily skin, boils and acne. Its anti-fungal properties make it an excellent tool for dealing with athletes foot or toenail fungus. Rubbing the oil directly on the toenails and soles of the feet can make these problems absolutely disappear.

Adding a few drops of lemongrass into massage oil or a bath can be a great way to soothe muscular aches and pains, bruises, weak connective tissue, pain in the joints and general fatigue. Just adding a few drops to a hot bath can help energize and tone the skin and balance the nervous system.

Have you ever used lemongrass essential oil before? What are your favorite ways to incorporate essential oils into your health, home and healing routines?

Happy Monday!

Love Frances

PS – Interested in learning about other essential oils?

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