The World Is Sacred When You’re A Punk

The Bhakti Boy!

My friend Joy Marzec is making a movie. She’s a yogi, an artist, a musician and so much more. This movie is her dream child. It’s about devotion, seeking purpose, overcoming challenges and discovering who you really are. It’s punk. It’s practice. It’s awesome.

This is what the movie is about:

The Bhakti Boy, set against the backdrop of the raging, gritty punk explosion, is a portrait of Daimon, a teenager who leaves his family in search of finding out what is worth believing in. Before heading out, he has a brush with the Hare Krishnas and the idea of “bhakti” that blows his mind. This concept of devotion and sacredness sets the story in motion as Daimon, feeling empty, dives into the early 80s punk scene to search for personal meaning.

The young bass player navigates a world of testosterone, ambition, drugs, sex and punk music. Exposed to temptation and ambiguity, Daimon figures out his own moral boundaries in a world defined by anarchy and rejection of traditional codes. He is celebrated as the hot new thing, but must weigh at what price is success in this cultural landscape littered with lost souls.

This is a little bio on Miss Joy Marzec:

Joy Marzec is a filmmaker and has been a dedicated practitioner to Ashtanga Yoga since she first started practicing at 19 years old. By 22 she was studying under certified Ashtanga teacher David Garrigues. In 2012 she completed the Third Series and if she survives her Kickstarter campaign will begin learning the Fourth Series this fall.
For Joy, her yoga practice is what gives her the shakti to write and direct films. For more information on her next film The Bhakti Boy visit her Kickstarter page. 

Check it out and support this wonderful yogi-artist’s project!





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