Recipe: Rosy and Tart Fruit Pudding


I adore the sweet, exotic fragrance and taste of rose water. It’s such an evocative flavor for me, reminding me of gulab jamun and Turkish delights.

Last night I created a sweet and tangy fruit and yogurt dish that I loved so much, I wanted to share this (non)recipe with you immediately!

I based this “pudding” of sorts on a Nepalese dish with pomelo that I had read about. But, per usual, I mixed it up a lot, especially since I could not find a pomelo fruit this time of year in the Rockies.

Vegans, this one is not for you. My apologies, although I imagine subbing with coconut yogurt and switching out the honey to agave might work beautifully. If you do try this, please let me know how it goes!

Like most of my kitchen creations, this one just kind of happened spontaneously. I made it to taste with very little, as in no, measuring cups. Nevertheless, below you will find my best approximations of quantities. My aversion to measuring has resulted in fairly keen eyeballing skills!



10 oz or 3 big scoops of thick, low-fat, plain organic yogurt. 

1 ripe pear diced into small cubes

1 small handful of raw cashew pieces

5 or 6 segments of a peeled ripe grapefruit

a dash of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg

1 tsp of rose water

1/2 tsp of orange water (optional)

1 tablespoon of honey


To prepare, strain the yogurt in a cheesecloth or even a paper towel for at least an hour. This is optional, but it will give you the thickest consistency.

In a small bowl/cup, mix the rose and orange waters with the spices.

Toss the small chunks of pear and cashew pieces in a dish. Remove all pith, skin and seeds from the grapefruit and then separate the granules, adding these small citrus hunks to the bowl.

Mix the spiced rose water with the yogurt and then stir into the fruit bowl.

To finish, drizzle honey all over the top of the yogurt and fruit.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Love Frances


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