My Number One Trick For Staying Hydrated This Summer


Truth be told, I hate summer.

The heat makes me feel lazy, heavy and disinterested….and sometimes, angry (it’s that fiery pitta hiding under my flaky vata constitution).

I tolerate summer by taking plenty of freezing cold showers, drinking gallons of water and avoiding the piercing mid-day sun like the plague. I know, I sound like barrels of fun. I’m just more of a snow bunny than a beach babe, can’t help myself.

Anyways, hydration is so essential to health and well-being, especially when you live somewhere as dry and sunny as Colorado. Drinking that extra glass or two of water makes the difference between a headache and a good day for me.

I always drink at least one full glass of water before I eat anything in the morning so that I’m starting off my day on the right foot. When I started that habit a few years ago, it made a huge difference in my hydration level.

As the day goes on, when it’s hot like it is now, I love drinking what I call “spa water.”

Water is perfect and lovely just the way it is, but I find that sometimes in the summer, chilling it with some refreshing natural supplementation is a surefire way to get me drinking more of it.

Last year I purchased a Bodum iced tea pitcher and it got me jazzed about making more herbal infusion and flavored waters.

One of my favorite infusion is a few mint sprigs and a handful of dried lemon balm. This is a very cooling mixture.

This week’s spa water consists of a few slices of organic washed lemon, cucumber and crushed mint leaves from my little garden.

So tasty and fresh.


Do you make “spa water?” What’s your favorite concoction?




4 thoughts on “My Number One Trick For Staying Hydrated This Summer

  1. !!! LOVE that pitcher! NEED! I do a lot of fruit/waters in the summer too, this would come in handy! My fave is watermelon and valencia orange, super refreshing 🙂

    • It’s pretty awesome. I love the melon/orange combo. I will definitely try that.
      Hope you are well Kharman! I finally got 2 floral jobs…one of them is actually with Bella Calla, the studio you told me about. 😉

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