If At First You Don’t Succeed, Give Up


And plant pretty summer flowers instead!

Ok, here’s the story. When I was living back East, I was able to grow a flourishing vegetable garden. I rarely did any research or even read the seed packages, but with a little love and attention, my garden was bountiful and delicious because of the fertile conditions and long growing season there. I remember in June of 2011 having so much extra kale in my garden that I had to bag it up and give it away to friends because we simply could not eat it all fast enough.

Case in point – Here is a photo of us being smoochyface in our garden in late May 2012.


Fast forward to July 2013, our first summer in Denver. My little veggie patch is very pitiful.


So sad, right?

I planted my seeds the first week of May after the blizzards of April had finally ceased. Perhaps I was too late. Thad built me this nice little raised bed, we filled it with great compost and soil and made sure the drainage was sufficient. I watered my seeds regularly and when they didn’t seem to sprout, I even planted more. But no luck.

I’ve since learned that the only people I know with successful veggie gardens here start with seedlings. Next year, I will definitely be going that route.

I’ve also discovered that my water conservation technique of collecting rainwater from our gutters might be the culprit. Yesterday I noticed all this yucky foamy stuff coming out of the drainpipe so for all I know, I’ve been dousing my poor baby greens with toxic waste. So much for trying to be water conscious – from here on out, I’m watering these little suckers from the tap.

Anyways, walking past my empty raised bed every day has been bringing me down, so I decided to splurge, go to the nursery and fill the holes with bright, big, cheery (and hardy!) summer flowers. Now I have some lovely summery blooms to cut for arrangements and I don’t feel so depressed about my failed garden anymore. Yay!

Hoping for better veggie luck next year – fingers crossed!




Flowers make everything better.

Love and Blessings,



10 thoughts on “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Give Up

  1. pretty flowers! I live in a city apartment with only window boxes where we have lots of ivy. (I’m a tad bit afraid of bees and wasps!) I’m happy I have at least these plants, but I hope one day we’ll have a decent sized balcony where I can plant some vegetables in a box like you have. Even if it doesn’t end up being a huge amount, growing something and being able to incorporate it into your salad is satisfaction enough!

    • thanks! we have a little front balcony with 2 window pots and a few herbs too. they get lots of hot afternoon sun though so i have to water them obsessively to keep them alive. having a garden is pretty sweet, i loved having so many greens in my old garden for smoothies and salads – such a treat.

  2. Colorado is similar to South Dakota- the planting season changes due to snow and thaws and yup, you start with seedlings. I have only had a third of a garden of luck with seeds. Ever. Which is kinda uncool because, leading girol scouts, every year, I have my girls plant a garden as a community service project and I would love for it to be from seeds they started themselves. We’re currently ‘making over’ our yard so we can turn it basically into a farm- think urban homesteading, lol. Nolan and I are both really decent gardeners and we’ve got two little helpers but when we took over my moms old house, let’s just say that weeds and saplings were out of control. It does well to really read up on what types of the veggies you are fond of do the best in your area. However, I can say that I’m a sucker for zinnias anyday!

    • Next year, seedlings it is! I think I’m going to try a fall crop too…maybe some beans and some more greens.
      I grew up gardening and worked on organic farms in college so you think I wouldn’t be such a dud here, but I didn’t really give this garden the proper attention at the right time this spring.
      That’s so awesome you are urban homesteading! When Thad and I first got together we lived in a tent at a friend’s house that was basically a mini-farm. Chickens, bees, tons of fruit and veggies and medicinal herbs. It was amazing how much could be produced in just her yard.

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