Essential Oil of the Week: Ylang Ylang


It has been too long since I’ve shared an essential oil with you. This week’s delightful one, ylang ylang, is celebrated for its ability to calm the heart, and since I shared my favorite heart-calming meditation practice with you a few days ago, it only seemed appropriate to follow up with this post. I also find ylang ylang to be a very fun word to say.

Ylang ylang is sometimes called the “poor man’s jasmine”, but I don’t think that is completely fair because it has a gorgeous dreamy fragrance all of its own. Apparently, the petals of ylang ylang flowers are strewn across the beds of newlywed couples in Indonesia for their beauty and aphrodisiac qualities. The scent of ylang ylang is feminine, sweet, heavy and sensual. It is simultaneously cooling, calming and euphoric.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is considered a “harmonizing” oil as it has been shown to reduce pulse rate while at the same time increasing alertness and arousal. It is beneficial for the circulatory system for treating high blood pressure and heart palpitations. It is used in addressing impotence, PMS and anxiety. It is soothing, increasing feelings of inner trust, peace and self-confidence.

Ylang Ylang is one of the best essential oils for healing post-traumatic stress syndrome, nervous tension and depression.

This essential oil blends beautifully with fragrances such as neroli, sandalwood, jasmine and bergamot. It’s the perfect oil to blend to create your own perfume. Applied topically in this way, you can garner the therapeutic benefits of this oil in addition to smelling dreamy and gorgeous yourself, without all the toxic chemicals that are found in most commercial perfumes these days.

Because ylang ylang is renowned for its beneficial effects on the skin and hair, try adding a few drops of it to a natural skin lotion or into your bath. Massage it into your scalp for shiny healthy locks or simply rub a few drops between your palms, inhale deeply and enjoy the calming, rejuvenating and joyful sensations it invokes.

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2 thoughts on “Essential Oil of the Week: Ylang Ylang

  1. AH! It is one of my favorites! Although I sometimes have a strange mental reaction to the scent. Almost an opposite reaction… it makes me nervous. I haven’t worked out quite why. Any ideas?


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