DIY Super Power Snacks


I am a huge sucker for the nicely packaged, absorbitantly overpriced, healthy snack foods lining the aisles of places like Whole Foods. Give me some good graphics with a few raw, vegan, gluten-free labels, and I’m game for throwing down silly bucks for simple food.

But, I’m learning to curb my hasty spending on these types of treats and make more snack food at home. It’s really fun, much less expensive and you get sooo much more in terms of quantity. Also, making your own “power snacks”, as I call these sorts of things, means you can customize the flavors to your particular preferences.

This upcoming weekend I am assisting Lale Florals with a huge wedding in the mountains. Without a doubt, these will be long days of work (think, 2 am breakdown after the reception). So, having a few nutritionally-dense snacks easily available will be essential for me to keep my energy up. I plan on taking a few apples and tamari almonds as well as a big jar of my homemade green chia juice. In addition, I just made a large batch of cacao energy balls. They are crazy delicious and full of zing.

Everytime I make something like this my recipe changes. Recipe is too formal a word honestly. What I really do is pull out a bunch of Mason jars filled with dried fruit, seeds and nuts and start dumping stuff at random into my food processor. That’s what I’m talking about when I say this is fun. Making a mess in the kitchen is one of my favorite hobbys.

This most recent creation: cacao powder, cacao nibs, cinnamon, dates, sea salt, raw honey, chia seeds, vanilla extract, cashew butter, coconut oil, raw hazelnuts, pistachios and a little water. The final kicker to make these supercharged – matcha green tea powder! I felt the extra caffeine boost might be in order for this Kardashian style wedding.

Do you make your own energy/granola bars/balls/crackers? 

Here are a few recipes that I’ve found that are great templates for DIY super power snakcs:

Chocolate Coconut Energy Bars

No-Bake Choco-Cherry Almond Bars

Chamomile Ginger Lemon Raw Bars

Cocoa Nut Quinoa Bites

Homemade Savory Flax Crackers

Couscous Crackers

Cheezy Kale Chips


Do you have a favorite recipe to share? What are your go-to snack creations?

Love and Blessings,



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