Simple Luxuries


Life can be rocky, unglamorous and exhausting sometimes. Simply put, daily living is not all breezy linens and pastel macarons, despite what we might see on Pinterest. For those of us without maids, assistants, cooks and the ability for impromptu five-star gettaways, finding sweetness, softness and happiness in the day-to-day must be done by indulging in the simple luxuries. Those little things that make a world of difference, that bring a sense of gentle ease and contentment and, most importantly, encourage a remembrance of the beauty and brilliance of one’s own unique path.


These are my simple luxuries:

Evening strolls with my husband – when the light is soft and the air is cool and we have nowhere to be but with each other.

Essential oils —  just a little drop can be a wonderful pick-me-up and reminder to breathe deeply.

Fresh flowers – a few lovely stems in a simple vase does wonders for me.

Long hot baths – my ideal way to unwind, relax overworked muscles and nurture my skin with almond oil and epsom salts.

Overpriced green juice – I love splurging for one of those lemony, apply green juices at Whole Foods, it makes me feel clean and shiny inside.

Sea salt dark chocolate  – I’m beyond thrilled that this has become a popular thing. The sweet, salty and bitter combination is so delectable and utterly satisfying.

Extra feather pillows – I love to surround myself with a fortress of fluffy pillows. Having a few extras makes sleeping in my little tatami bed feel like I’m at the St. Regis. 

What are your simple luxuries? What transports you and brings you joy?

Love and Blessings,


bath image


6 thoughts on “Simple Luxuries

    • 🙂 Yea, those used to be two of my favs as well. No longer indulging in those things, but after a long days work I do still crave a smoke occasionally (don’t tell anyone of course…hehe).

      • I don’t deny myself a few fingers of bourbon once a week, or a good red wine. Sometimes, it really is wonderful to be awake early in the am to do my yoga before the house stirs, make my coffee or tea and then take the pup for a walk. Weekly hot baths and pedis are a must for me. I also love a good face mask. And a good book. I may be a hedonist. Then again, it doesn’t take me maxxing out my credit card to feel happy about life, so there’s that. 🙂

      • I’ve always been a hedonist, so no worries there. Yes on the face masks – I adore slathering my face with clay and then maybe a little honey. A good book is a true gift as well…I need a new novel…I was on a streak of great books this spring but then it kind of fizzled out. What have you loved reading recently Sara?

  1. I have lists upon lists of books. LOL. I’m ALWAYS reading, its such an integral part of my day. Here’s a few that were very interesting/good/compelling or all 3 and I’ll limit the list so you aren’t all “What? Where does one even start?”

    -Snow Flower and The Secret Fan
    -In The Country Of Men
    -Drown by Junot Diaz
    -The Ocean At The End of The Lane
    -Like Water For Chocolate
    -The Devil In The White City
    -The Urban Homestead
    -Yakuza Moon
    -The Elegance of The Hedgehog

    P.S. ANYONE who quits smoking still has moments where tehir brains screech for a smoke. Me? This is like a daily thing.;)

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