Feeling Jazzed About…


Happy Sunday morning!

This is my favorite part of the week to simply lie around and be lazy. We had a little farmer’s market and dog park playtime and now I’m just relaxing on my couch with hubs and pup. Life is sweet.

Here’s a list of what I am feeling excited about, inspired by, slightly greedy for and generally psyching on…

I have got to veganize this cinnamon quinoa coffee cake! What a delish sounding breakfast treat.

I cannot get enough of flower crowns. I’ve made four in the past week (see here, here, here and here!) and I have pinned an entire board of fabulous floral crown inspiration. I wish I could wear one of these beauties every day.

I have one of these itty bitty gold knuckle rings. It is so fun to wear! Love.

A politician actually says something I can agree with…  Bill Clinton encourages people to go vegan for their health and for the health of our country. Right on.

Speaking of vegan….this summer buckwheat crepe recipe sounds incredible. I love this blog!

I bought a small bottle of this clean, light facial moisturizer recently. It is perfect. I don’t ever want my little sample to run out!

Loved Peg Mulqueen’s recent newletter about Ashtanga yoga being a householder’s practice. With my wedding work travel and this long-standing cold I’ve had, my practice hasn’t been super steady or consistent this summer, but I’m learning more and more to be okay with this and appreciate what I can get, when I can get it.

If I wasn’t on a self-imposed “no shopping” stint, here’s what I would be trying on right about now – this floral maxi dress, this other floral dress, this simple blazer with this adorable romper underneath. Cuteness.

Liberty flower prints + classic California cool = I want these Vans stat.

Last, but not least, what I am most excited about is the wedding inspiration shoot I am doing this week up in Aspen with Bluebird Productions and photographer Bryce Covey. I am assisting with styling and floral design with Lalé. It’s going to be sooo dreamy. I can’t wait to share pics with you!

What are you digging on these days?

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Love Frances



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