Essential Oil of the Week: Ginger


In the culinary realm, ginger is by far one of my absolute favorite flavors. I go gaga for anything ginger – seriously, I can sit down and eat a whole box of crystalized ginger without batting an eyelash. I love ginger tea, I love ginger in my smoothies and juices and I especially love grating fresh ginger into stirfrys and salad dressings.

Despite my love of consuming all things ginger, using the essential oil of this potent healing root has been a new discovery for me. It is a fabulous way to benefit from the power of this universally respected plant. Ginger has been used for just about ever as a food, medicine and spice. It has a long history of use in Asia, was used in both Greek and Roman medicine and is an essential component of TCM healing. Ginger was even introduced in Western Europe during the Middle Ages and apparently was used to combat the Black Death because of its sweat-producing capacities. Native to India and China, it is now grown commercially in many tropical climates.

In Ayurvedic medicine, ginger is viewed as the universal medicine that can be of benefit to all constitutions. It destroys toxins, it is a strong digestive, prevents nausea, stokes the digestive fire (agni), alleviates pain, is rejuvenating and beneficial for breathing difficulties.

Ginger essential oil has many therapeutic actions: analgesic, digestive, expectorant, anti-emetic, aphrodisiac, carminative, stomachic, and anti-bacterial.

Because it has the ability to bring movement of energy and heat into the body, it is renowned for improving circulation, expelling congestion in the lungs and stagnation in the digestive system. It’s great for stomach ache, nausea, constipation, loss of appetite etc.,  Just a few whiffs of ginger EO can help with morning sickness and post-operative nausea too.

I like to put a few drops in a hot bath for muscular aches and pains and joint stiffness, as well as for its ability to open up my lungs so I can breathe more deeply.

For the emotions, using ginger essential oil promotes great mental clarity and decisiveness and helps boost confidence and feelings of empowerment. Because the oil is made from ginger root, it has a grounding and strengthening energy. It detoxes negative thoughts and energies and the warm, spicy aroma is stimulating and motivating. It is indicated for sexual anxieties, lack of direction or focus, feelings of loneliness and apathy.

Ginger essential oil makes you feel the way it smells – warm, spicy, exciting, sweet and alive.

The easiest way to use this fantastic oil is to simply rub a drop between your palms, breathe deeply and feel good!

It can also be diffused in the home, or diluted in a hot bath to help with flus/colds and body aches.

Do you use essential oils? Would you like to learn more about this natural method of healing? 

Check out these posts to learn more.


Love Frances




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