My Clean Green Beauty Routine


There’s no denying it. I’m kind of a hippie flower child, despite the fact that I cut off my dreadlocks years ago. Take a look in my bathroom and you will see lots of random glass bottles and jars – no Pantene ProV or Secret in sight.

A few years ago, I got serious about “cleaning” up my beauty routine. I’ve always used high quality products, but when I read a book about the dirty side of the cosmetics industry, I knew it was time to step it up a notch. The amount of cancer-causing, endocrine-disrupting and generally nasty chemicals in our conventional products is down-right scary! So I purged my bathroom of all my fancy makeup and shampoos and started fresh with simple, organic, cruelty-free and natural products.

Using Skindeep as a resource for investigating different product’s safety ratings, I began experimenting with new hair and beauty concoctions. Whole Foods carries a lot of great products, many of which make the cut in terms of my standards of health/chemical-free cleanness. Acure Organics is one of my favorite brands that Whole Foods carries, mostly because it is so affordable for the high quality and cleanliness it delivers.

As I’ve played with different products, I’ve also begun making simple DIY recipes for my skin and hair. I’ve found that the three most essential ingredients in my routine are easily found in my own kitchen: baking soda, honey and nut oil.

I loooove oil – I rub oil all over my face and body as moisturizer (normally almond, olive or sesame) and use it to remove eye makeup too. Baking soda makes a gentle exfoliating scrub and I use it to wash my hair sometimes.  Raw honey makes the best facial mask because of its anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties. So simple, safe and cheap.

Here’s a little overview of my basic routine. I’ve found that as I’ve transitioned to cleaner products, I’ve started using less products and therefore taking less time, especially when it comes to makeup. How liberating!

In the a.m. pre-yoga:

I start with a quick dry brush of my body, a scrape of the tongue, brush with tooth powder and then pop into a quick cold shower to get my blood rushing.

In the a.m. post-yoga:

I take a hot shower (I recently got an alkalizing water filter for my showerhead). I soap up with a bit of diluted Rose Dr. Bronner’s and then massage honey into my face. If I’m washing my hair that day (I try to only wash a few times a week) I either use John Masters Organic Shampoo and Conditioner or I rub my scalp with a concoction of Borax or baking soda in water and then rinse with a dilution of citric acid in water to make my hair soft and shiny. I don’t really shave because I’ve done enough laser removal that I only need to do a bit of waxing every three months or so – this saves me a lot of time and hassle.

After my shower, I do a quick spot-treatment rub with my scar-healing oil blend and then maybe, if I have time, a full body moisture with some almond oil or this Acure Organic argan oil and lemongrass lotion that soaks into my skin super quickly and smells delish. On my face and decolletage, I normally put a bit of rosehip seed oil or maybe a little Juice Beauty eye cream before a heavy dose of A’Terra all-natural solar protection mist, which is my favorite sun-care product ever. I do not use deodorant and I haven’t in years…no one has complained yet. 😉

My only perfume is a blend of essential oils that I’ve concocted for myself. It is subtle and sweet – a bit of jasmine, neroli, rose geranium, petitgrain, and mandarin.

My hair is quite low-maintenance. I might put in a bit of Jessicurl cream or Allafia shea curl defining gel and then diffuse, but other days I simply give it a scrunch and let it do it’s thang.


My simplest routine is just an eyelash curl, an eye brow brush and a bit of RMS Lip2cheek, Uncoverup and Living Luminizer. RMS Beauty is an incredible line – these little pots last forever and they are so great for your skin. If I want a little more drama, I will use Ilia’s gorgeous bronzer/illuminator and lipsticks, and a bit of brown/black mascara and eyeliner (I use Lavera, Beauty Without Cruelty and Minerals On A Mission – still looking for my perfect, clean eye makeup combo).

At night:

Whenever I can, I will take a long bath filled with Epsom salts, almond oil and essential oils. I might do a simple facial, either clay, honey/cinnamon, baking soda or Ren’s radiance renewal mask. Other nights I take a quick hot shower with a bit of soap, followed by a full oil up/moisture routine. My favorite heavy-duty evening moisturizers are A’Terra Hygeia Cream, Radiance serum (this stuff is superb) or Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic. These products make my skin feel so soft and look beautifully dewy in the morning.

If I don’t have time to shower at night, I often use my Clarisonic brush with a little Acure facial cream cleanser. Other nights I will just wipe my face with a bit of witch hazel toner followed by almond oil to clean my skin. I also love using a splash of rose water or a lavender hydrosol for a little extra moisture. Before bed, I try to always rub some Weleda Skin Food into my rough hands because they get pretty beat up working with flowers all day.


Ok, so when I write all that down, it seems like a lot, but honestly, my beauty routine feels super easy and simple to me! Not all of my products are 100% absolutely perfect, but they are far cleaner and greener than what I used to use regularly and I love the way these natural products benefit my skin and overall health.

What are your favorite clean, green beauty products? Are you aware of the ingredients in your skincare products? Do you ever make your own cleansers, masks  or moisturizers?

Please share! I would love to hear about your healthy, natural beauty tips!

Love and Blessings,



2 thoughts on “My Clean Green Beauty Routine

  1. So often I wonder if the synchronicity I see with my fellow Crestone grads is too plentiful to be any less than a testament to everything we learned there… In my shower is John Masters Organic shampoo/conditioner, Rose Dr. Bronners, and to wash my face I use a blend of helichrysum, rose, tea tree, lavender, and baking soda. For my “smell good stuff” I use an orange clove blend of essential oils. Haha so weird. My makeup routine is slightly less complicated however…

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