Oh Hello Old Friend


These past 3+ weeks, my dropbacks simply have not been working. I’ve had this sticky stuck achy feeling all through my mid-back that prohibits me from arching past a certain point. It literally feels like a road block.

Let’s not even talk kapotasana, which I dread on a daily basis. With the combination of my back and shoulder inflammation issues, this pose just makes me want to throw in the towel…. so, moving on…

This pain in my mid-back. I’ve been ignoring it, since it wasn’t too bothersome or restrictive and instead have just been sitting out on dropbacks for awhile. Until this Sunday, during afternoon practice when I was all loose and warmed up and decided that after a solid half-primary and half-second, I should give ’em a go.

I noticed that the sensation in my back was stronger. I instinctively put my finger on my right sacro-illiac joint and upon touch, the pain was sharp and radiating. Ouch.

It was from this darned little joint that all that back pain was originating. Oh no, not that again.

For those of you who read my yoga posts and have been following Lila for awhile, you might remember my six-month episode with SI pain.  It was a royal pain in the, well, sacrum. And it appears to be back for an encore.

So, it’s back to the block-squeezing backbends and mini-skirt imagery forward folds. It’s back to the bandha obsession and the laying low with the leg behind the head stuff for a little while.

I’ve been so busy with work and that’s been taking a toll on my body. Standing on concrete all day, lifting and loading heavy boxes, carrying buckets full of water and flowers, etc., can be tough. I love putting my legs up the wall, doing bound lotus or taking a hot bath after a long day on my feet during an event or at the flower shop. I’m grateful I have all the core strength and bandha awareness that I do, otherwise I’m sure my body would be way wrecked from the intensity of this kind of work.

I’m not so attached to my asana practice right now that this is coming as a big devastation to me. My life feels so beautifully full beyond my mornings at the yoga studio, so I’m fine just taking it down a notch, walking away from barre classes (feeling like that’s too tightening for my hip flexors and thus pulling on my SI joint more) and allowing my body a little time to recover. Rest can be such a good thing.

All this would be no big deal except for the fact that I’m scheduled next week for my very first legit yoga photo shoot! To be honest, I rather hate getting my photo taken doing asanas. I never feel like my poses are good enough and it feels incredibly silly posing for the camera, but my dear photographer friend and I have been planning this for awhile and I thought it would be fun and a good way to get over some of my yoga/body/posing insecurities too.

Hopefully, after a week of lighter practice, I will be up for the shoot. Fingers crossed.

And now for the really important question, what on earth does one wear for such a thing!? I am stumped. I might have to shopping 😉


Love and Blessings,





2 thoughts on “Oh Hello Old Friend

  1. Frances! do you have danskos? … Not so much for the photo shoot but for those long days standing on concrete? They are kinda fugly but have saved my feet and back in the hospital! And the look grows on you. 🙂


    PS cville misses you!

    • I miss you too Emily! I do have a pair of Danskos but they are very autumnal so I haven’t broken them out yet..but as soon as fall arrives, I will wear them for work. Good suggestion.

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