End of Summer Musings


•a florist’s main tool•

August is almost over. Can you believe it?

I personally cannot wait to welcome in autumn. I’m an October baby and have always loved fall the most. Plus, this has been my first wedding season in the floral industry and I’m feeling it. The season is not quite over yet of course, but the finish line is in sight.

I’m looking forward to the change in seasons and the shift in focus it will bring for me. I always feel a new rush of inspiration when the weather changes. The cool air and autumnal breezes reignite my interest in cooking, nesting, experiencing nature and being creative.

I have a long list of blog post ideas, places to check out, recipes to cook, garden/house projects to do and so much more on my horizon, but I simply haven’t had the time, energy or spark to do/write/create/invest in these things recently and that’s kind of bringing me down.

As I reflect on these past 10 months since I moved back to CO, I can’t really get a grasp on time. The months seem to blend together and I can’t remember what was happening when. It’s been a big year, a year full of changes, challenges and wonderfully exciting things. Simply getting adjusted to our new schedules here has been huge part of this year – my erratic and exhaustingly consuming work schedule, Thad’s highly time-intensive school and studying schedule and of course puppy Artemis’ play and potty schedule too!

It’s been a lot of juggling on top of keeping us super consistent with our yoga/meditation/chanting practices, maintaining healthy cooking and eating habits, getting to know a new town, new friends, settling into a new home and keeping it very clean, tidy and pretty as well (which is very important to me, if not for the pup and man).

All part of growing up and moving on of course. I’m grateful for this year and these new challenges, even the financial ones (turns out teaching yoga and doing massage is actually more profitable than being a newbie florist…oh well!).  Live and learn.

September I will be working consistently all over the place with 4 different floral companies, modeling for a fun bridal fashion show, hosting my childhood bestie for a weekend of fun, working a huge wedding in Aspen, and hopefully attending a few extra yoga classes and cooking with lots of pumpkin puree!

As always, thank you for your support of Lila blog. I love sharing my life and learnings with you.

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Love and Blessings,



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