Seasonally Perfect Peaches


There are some things that are best only enjoyed at a specific time of year.

The concept of eating seasonally as much as possible makes sense environmentally, but also energetically and emotionally for me. I feel that enjoying a certain type of produce just when it’s most readily (and locally) available makes it so much more special and delicious. I appreciate it more and thus eat it with more relish and joy.

For example, grapefruits are a February/March thing for me. Pumpkin is an autumnal treat. Blueberries, a summer necessity. Corn on the cob? Wouldn’t think of it in winter!

Flowers too. Even though we can ship in flowers from all around the world, it’s still much more aesthetically pleasing to make an arrangement with dinner-plate dahlias in the summer, peonies in the spring, or snowberries in the winter months and so on.

Right now it is full-blown perfect peach season. On the Western Slope of Colorado there are many orchards providing beautiful fresh fruit. The peaches from these orchards of Palisade, Paonia and beyond are some of the best peaches I have ever tasted.

I’ve been eating peaches non-stop through August. And since the season is coming to a close, I went a little crazy at the farmer’s market on Saturday scooping up pounds of fuzzy peaches.

As I write this, I am eating a warm bowl of peach crumble with a dabble of greek yogurt on top and it is heavenly!

Last night I peeled a pile of peaches and let them soak in maple syrup, cinnamon and cardamon.

This morning I mixed together oats, brown rice flour, sliced almonds and coconut oil with a bit of the leftover peachy syrup from the bottom of the bowl. I spread this crumbly concotion over the peaches in a glass dish, baked for a while at 350 and voila! breakfast!

So tasty and so summery!


What’s your favorite way to eat peaches? Do you have one preferred type of fruit or veg that you only like to eat during a certain time of year? What screams summer to you? What foods can you not wait to eat this fall?

Love and Blessings!



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