Essential Oil Of The Week: Helichrysum



Helichrysum is a powerfully healing plant that you don’t hear about that often, but probably should because it is so special.

I learned about it in massage school when I had a massive cut on my knee and asked my teacher what to do about potential scarring. Ever since then, I have used this oil regularly to heal wounds and bruises, improve complexion and reduce scarring. 

Helichrysum’s common name is “Everlasting.” It is tall yellow cluster of aromatic flowers that can grow in deprived soil and sunny harsh conditions where other plants can barely survive. Energetically, that feels very indicative of this plant’s fortitude and power. It is traditionally found in Europe, especially in the Eastern regions and in the Mediterranean.

The scent of helicrysum is spicy, warm and herbal. It’s quite a unique fragrance, hard to place unless you know what it is.

Therapeutically, the essential oil of the helichrysum flowers is safe for topical usage, even undiluted. It is very healing for skin conditions such as eczema, burns, acne, radiation burns, chronic dermatitis etc.,. It is analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  It reduces pain and can encourage the proper flow of chi and blood in the body. Topical usage is beneficial for bruise healing, broken capillaries and varicose veins. 

On the realm of the psyche and emotions, the use of this oil is most suited for moving through grief, bereavement and emotional trauma. Helicrysum can assist in healing old emotional scars, acute fear or anger and overcoming adversity. 

Energetically, helichrysum has the power to break through the deepest, most “stuck” negative feelings and can help restore feelings of compassion for others and for oneself. 

Keeping a bottle of this powerful essential oil handy to simply take a few long deep inhalations of during times of emotional stress is very soothing. I also keep a bottle of helichrysum hydrosol mist in my fridge for a cooling, skin-healing spritz now and again. 

Topically, a few drops of this oil can be applied directly on healing wounds or old scars. Another good way to benefit from the skin healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this plant is to put a few drops of this oil into a warm bath and soak it up.

Have you ever used this essential oil before? What are your favorite essential oils to work with?


Love and Blessings,





4 thoughts on “Essential Oil Of The Week: Helichrysum

  1. Hi Frances, thank you so much for your weekly info on essential oils! I’ve used them a bit and I’m interested in how to choose top quality oils. There are so many resources to buy them, but I want to make sure that what I’m getting is organic and eco friendly, but also kind on my budget. What made you choose Floracopeia and what other resources do you recommend? Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Dawn.
      Thanks for reading Lila. Glad that you’ve been enjoying these essential oil posts. When I was in massage school and working with a lot of essential oils I was introduced to both Floracopeia and the Young Living line. I’ve gravitated towards Floracopeia for a few reasons. Superficially, I love their packaging and the shape of the bottles. I love the immense variety of oils they provide and the information given about the origin of each specific oil. Floracopeia has a strong commitment towards sustainable harvesting of plants and fair-trade practices. Their oils can be a bit pricey, but the quality of the product and the integrity of the company is worth it to me. I learned a lot about essential oils in school but have been supplementing my knowledge with a course that Floracopiea offers.

      • Thank you so much for your response, Frances. I agree that Floracopeia is just pretty and has wonderful logo! I appreciate eco and fair trade practices as well, and it is definitely worth it to me to support those businesses. I would love to try their ayurvedic blends! I like Young Living Oils too.

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