The Song Of The Goddess


Hail to the Goddess, to the Great Goddess;

To the Auspicious One always hail!

Hail to Nature, to the Propitious One, we

Humble ourselves attentively before her.

To her, the color of fire, blazing like the sun with

 Ascetic power, and who is worshipped for attaining

 The fruits of action,

To her, the Goddess Durga, I go for refuge.

Hail to that raft of swift crossing.

The gods created the Goddess Speech, whom animals of all sorts speak.

This Speech is pleasing to us, this cow yielding food and strength.

She is well praised; may she come to us.

To Kalaratri praised by Brahman, to Vaishnavi, the Mother of Skanda,

To Sarasvati, to Aditi, the Daughter of Daksha, we bow, to the pure Auspicious One.

We know you as Mahalakshmi, we meditate on you as the Shakti of all.

May the Goddess inspire that knowledge and meditation of ours.

Hail to her in the form of the Cosmic Body;

Hail to her in the form of the Cosmic Soul;

Hail to her in her Unmanifest State;

Hail to her in the form of the glorious Brahman.

Through her power of ignorance, she shows herself as the world,

Like a rope appearing as a serpent, wreath, and the like.

Through her power of knowledge, she dissolves the world back into herself.

We glorify her, Ruler of the Universe.

We glorify her whose essence is pure consciousness,

Represented by the word Tat,

And whose nature is undiminished bliss.

It is she to whom the Vedas refer as their goal.

Transcending the five sheaths, witness of the three states of consciousness,

She is also in essence the individual soul,

Represented by the word Tvam.

Hail to her, in the form of the syllable OM;

Hail to her embodied in the syllable HRIM.

To her composed of manifold mantras, that is to you

The compassionate Goddess, hail! Hail!


1.44 – 1.55 The Devi Gita.

 Translated by C. Mackenzie Brown

image from OM from India


7 thoughts on “The Song Of The Goddess

  1. love Durga…I’m no expert on Hinduism, or any of the gods of any religion really, but whenever I read that name it reminds me that I’m capable of facing anything… I like that she’s the invincible… who needs wonderwoman? 🙂

    • You hit the nail on the head, Roanna. The fact that she makes you feel like you are capable of facing anything is exactly what she is there for, to remind us of our own strength and ferocity and to give us the powerful Mother energy protection we crave for in times of challenge.

  2. My mom’s not really up on Eastern religions, and was raised verrrrry Roman Catholic. I was raised very Catholic too- but we lived in lower Arizona, with a Hispanic nanny. I learned 2 really extreme ends of Catholicism. She has, however, always been totally open to my spiritual path . . . . she just doesn’t know much at all about any other paths than Catholicism and easily gets words mixed up or faith tenets confused. It makes for totally hysterical conversations, like “Is that PENTECOSTAL?” “Ma, do you even KNOW what Pentecostal means?”

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