Radhastami + Initation = Haribol!


Yesterday was Radhastami, the Appearance Day of Srimati Radharani, the Beloved of Lord Krsna.

It is a very sacred holiday in the Vaisnava tradition because Radha is the bestower of devotional service to Krsna.


 “Radha is parama-devata, the supreme goddess, and She is worshipable for everyone. She is the protectress of all, and She is the mother of the entire universe.” —Caitanya Caritamrita, Adi 4.89


Yesterday was also the day of my husband’s first initiation. His Gurudev, Ravindra Svarupa-Dasa led his ceremony by joining us here in Denver and a few friends elsewhere on Google Hangout. A very 21st century initiation!


After Thaddeus took his vows, and was given his spiritual name, Taraka Balarama Dasa, our local temple president performed a fire ceremony, yajna. After many joyous bhajans, arati and a ritual offering of flowers to Srimati Radharani’s Lotus Feet, an epic feast was had by all.

I made a vegan cake, arranged the altar flowers and dressed up in my snazziest gopi outfit for the occasion.


My husband has been on this path of Bhakti Yoga for many years and this was a very momentous day for him to officially take his vows and take shelter in the service of his Guru.

I’m so happy for him and proud of his commitment to this path of humble living and devotional service.


Here are a few more iphone snapshots of this special day.





Hare Krsna!



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