Besties Weekend


It’s Tuesday and my face still hurts from all the laughter this weekend.

My childhood bestie Sarah and her fantastically goofy and delightful beau Brad came out from PA for a visit. Too much fun was had by all, including our little puppy who reveled in all the attention and playtime.




Despite the incessant and crazy downpours, we managed a few walks, a little jaunt to the dogpark and a bop up to Boulder to visit my family and chow on some brunch at one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants, Leaf.



When the rain reemerged after a brief respite, we simply made do with napkin rain gear.



We went to the Denver gem show, did a little shopping, saw Neko Case perform at the Opera House on Saturday night, and enjoyed many excellent meals out and about as well as in my humble abode.




IMG_2017On Sunday night I modeled at this awesome and unconventional bridal show called Rebel Bells. A bunch of great girls came and my gifted florist friend Stephanie’s work was displayed, along with a bunch of other rockin’ local vendors.

It’s always so great to connect with old friends and new ones too. Sarah and I were set up to best friends in utero; our mothers have been close companions since the ’70s and we were born only a few months apart.  We can go for months or even years without seeing one another and yet as soon as we get together, it’s just like we are little kids at summer camp in Maine sharing a cabin once again.


And the very best part of this weekend is knowing now that before too long, Sarah and Brad will be moving out here to Colorado (hopefully? possibly? yes?), which means many more laughter-filled weekends await us.

rebelbells 121-L

Love and Blessings,



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