Prema: Flowers + Style


My dear readers,

You probably have guessed by now that I have a love for flowers and pretty things. Yes, my life actually does extend beyond yoga poses, puppies and vegan cookies, believe it or not. You’ve probably read about my DIY wedding and gleaned from other posts that I have been working in the floral and wedding industry since this spring.

It’s been an exciting career change for me. I’m constantly learning new tricks of the trade and getting a better sense, with every wedding weekend, just what kind of crazy work it actually takes to pull off these kind of beautiful events.

I’ve been doing assorted contract work with at least five different local florists as well as occasional styling and event work with my talented sister who is an extraordinary wedding planner up in Aspen.

I’m still not exactly sure where all this will lead, but I feel like this year has been an excellent time to garner skills, practice and inspiration for a future business, whether it’s a solo venture or a partnership.

Since I have a passion for styling even beyond florals, and opportunities for this type of endeavor have been popping up in my little world, I have decided to unofficially launch my freelance floral design and event styling business.

In keeping with the spirit of Lila (play) and my own spiritual and life orientation, I am calling my venture “Prema” which means Love in the purest sense of the word. Prema also happens to be my middle name; a name that was given to me in my spiritual community a number of years ago.

I have a little website,, which I would love for you to take a peek at, if you feel so inclined. I imagine I will start blogging a bit over on that venue, especially when I have more photos of events and flowers to share.

Because of the time and energy I am putting into developing my career right now, I know that this blog has been a touch neglected and for that I am sorry. Through all this, I am ever so grateful for your continued support and readership.

This morning I leave for a long weekend of work on a very high-end wedding in the mountains. I will be assisting Lauryl Lane, a celebrated floral designer from Los Angeles. I am sure I will come home late Sunday night absolutely exhausted and full of inspiration, sure signs of a time well-spent.

So, please excuse my social media silence over the next few days….too many bouts to tie, roses to dethorn, and centerpieces to assemble!

Love and Blessings,



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