Essential Oil Of The Week: Palo Santo


Palo Santo is a sacred tree growing in Ecuador. For centuries and centuries, it has been worshipped by indigenous cultures for its purifying powers.

Today the Palo Santo tree is protected by the government so that no living trees or branches are allowed to be cut. All Palo Santo essential oils and incenses are made by gathering and distilling the resin within aged (a minimum of 2 years on the ground) limbs. When the tree dies, the resin inside the branches is driven into the heartwood where it matures, giving it a unique and powerful fragrance.

The aroma of this sacred tree’s oil has a fresh and citrusy scent with resinous musky wood notes. It is non-sensitizing and non-irritating and can safely be used by all.

This oil is recognized for its myriad of therapeutic properties, including anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral and anti-septic actions. It is beneficial for the respiratory system because of its decongesting and expectorant qualities and is generally supportive to the entire immune system.

It is regenerative for the skin and excellent for soothing all types of muscular/skeletal system inflammation.

Emotionally, this essential oil is uplifting, warming and cheerful while simultaneously offering a very grounded, calming base. It is soothing to the mind and comforting during times of emotional turbulence. Its usage smoothes the flow of chi and relaxes an unsettled spirit.

There is a natural intelligence within the plant itself that can align with prana and produce an expansive, upward-lifting energetic. This profound power is very spiritually enhancing and deserves great respect and proper ritual. The use of this essential oil will assist in creative endeavors, deep meditation and prayer.

Palo Santo essential oil can be diffused, applied topically or simply inhaled via the bottle or a few drops on palms, rubbed together to bring out the warmth in the fragrance.

Have you ever used this powerful oil therapeutically? What is your favorite way to incorporate the healing attributes of essential oils in your life?


Love and Blessings,




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