Keeping The Lovey-Dovey Alive


My husband and I are nearing in on our first wedding anniversary. I’ve heard from many couples that the first year can be especially hard. Life after all the wedding hoopla takes a bit of adjusting to, emotionally and practically.

Our year has involved a lot of transition – new career, a big move, school, etc., Sometimes when we are caught up in the daily grind and “adult stuff” (basically, all the paper work, taxes, home ownership stuff that I hate about growing up) it’s easy to slack on being a sweet and loving partner. During these times, I am reminded of all the good advice I’ve heard about relationships requiring work and attention.

All in all it’s been a wonderful and exciting year, but there have been some small challenges and changes in our relationship of course.

Today I was talking on the phone to a friend and she asked if we were still “all lovey-dovey.” Happily, I was able to respond, yes, indeed we are.

Despite occasional squabbles and bouts of overwhelm or boring routines, our love is even more alive now  than when we first fell head-over-heels-gaga for each other a number of years ago. I feel so crazy grateful for this.

Another reminder of this sweetness we share happened today. This morning, I did a photo shoot at the Botanical Gardens with a dear friend and very gifted photographer, Alison Hathaway, of Red Shoes Photography.  The thought was to take some asana photos, since I have so few photos of me doing yoga poses and sometimes I wish I had more personal images for this blog.

We got Thaddeus to join in on the shoot and we had so much fun! It was great to play around with poses and be a little silly together. I always get a bit nervous before getting my picture taken, despite the fact that I’ve done some occasional low-key modeling gigs. I was especially anxious for this shoot since I hadn’t had much time to practice over the past 2 weeks because of my work schedule and I was feeling really bloated and un-pretty (seriously, why does that have to happen every darn month!).

Despite my initial hesitation, I had a blast and I am so thrilled with the few photos from it I’ve seen so far.

I’ve decided that doing a photo shoot with one’s partner is basically one of the best ways to rekindle feelings of lovey-dovey affection. I remember when we did our engagement shoot last year, we felt so bonded together from taking those pictures. The whole experience made us both feel so happy and excited for our relationship and future together. For weeks afterwards, we talked about how we just wanted to do our shoot over and over again!

I truly believe that having great professional photos taken of you and your partner or your family is worth every little penny. The experience of it is so sweet and fun and after it’s over, you get these beautiful visual memories and keepsakes.

I love having photographer friends and I plan on keeping them close (especially ones who barter for bodywork!) because I think as a relationship “investment” I want to do a photo shoot with my husband (and our family one day) at least once every single year! Call me a lush! I don’t care! 😉

Thank you so so much Alison!

Have you done a “love shoot” with your partner? Or a maternity or newborn shoot? 

Isn’t it just one of the loveliest ways to connect and celebrate your love?

Love and Blessings!



8 thoughts on “Keeping The Lovey-Dovey Alive

  1. I could reconcile this back injury if I had done it during yoga or pilates practice, barre class, or even walking the dog. Nope. Nuh uh. Just everyday, non stressful cleaning, and my back spazzes out. The doc was shocked at the state of the muscle I sprained, it’s gigantic. I’m banned from most exercise for two months and want to shoot somebody. I keep meditating that this to shall pass and then get paranoid about ice and snow. So yes, cute over load to distract is excellent! 🙂

    • Oh man, that is rough! I am so sorry. Do you have a good acupuncturist you can see? I’ve found it to be the most effective treatment for pain in my shoulders and SI joint.

      • A friend of mine is a good deep tissue masseuse- I’ll be seeing her a long with physical therapy. I’ll have to ask after acupuncturists- either she or a few others I know might have a good idea of some people. Thanks!

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